Oops! Sorry, We Made a Little Mistake!

March 11, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Earlier today we sent you an email with the fabulous news that we have increased the discounts on our Last Chance Sale Items. 🎉

Unfortunately, we made a little error; instead of saying they have increased to be in the range of 20-40% we accidentally said they have increased from 20% to 40%.

We do have some stunning items at 40% off such as the Black Lava and Ice ranges but not all items are able to be so heavily discounted. We believe 20% is still a pretty good deal though. 😉

We sincerely apologise for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused and we do hope that you enjoy the increased discounts on these gorgeous Last Chance Sale Items

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Chain Necklace

Matt Rose Gold With
Resin Necklace

Organic Side Oval


(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. As you know we have a last chance item section. There's over 100 items in this category and they are all on sale, and we've just upped the percentage, so now it ranges from 20 to 40%. We've got kimonos, capes, silk scarves, we've got 10 Way necklace sections, and we also have other jewelry. Now by other jewelry we call it that simply because it's jewelry that isn't magnetic and it's not part of the 10 Way necklace range, but it's nice to have some variety, right?

So I thought I would show you the three necklaces that have now just been bumped up to 25% off. The first one is the lariat, it's a beautiful gold color. Let me show you this up close. Now look at this, it's got a beautiful diamond cut to the chain which adds a little bit of sparkle. It's so beautiful. And it also has a lovely twisted kind of effect. Now what a lariat actually is, it's a continuous long necklace with no end, so it just finishes and there's no clasps or anything like that. And there's a few ways you can wear a lariat, which is just divine. So nice and simple, long.

Now also when you are styling your lariat think of how you're styling your scarves because it's almost the same. So just a simple little knot, done.

Now, the other way you can wear it is put it in half. Now this will create a shorter styling with the chains not hanging so long. Double it up with a little bit off center, I like to have the ends finishing a little bit differently. And then you could have it like this as well, just beautiful and make it match any neckline that you like, and even pop it to the side for a really, really cute off center kind of look.

Then, just another way to do it, and this is going to come down to whether you're comfortable like this or not. Start from the front, twist around the back and back towards the front. Now you can either just let that hang or put a little knot in the front. And what I would recommend with necklaces especially don't go with a double knot. With a chain it doesn't take a whole lot to actually get them stuck on each other a little bit like that. Just a simple little knot. And you'll find that because you're wearing this kind of jewelry to go out with it will pretty much stay put. So that's the lariat that we are finishing off. Once it sells out we won't have anymore.

Now we've also got on sale the beautiful rose gold and like a resin and brown color kind of effect. Just gorgeous, look at that. It's a beautiful, neutral rose gold. There's a clasp at the back, of course you can pop it over the head because it's just so easy.

Now another way you can do this, not only can you wear it shorter, so here is the shortest that it will go, but you can also double it up to create a double effect around the base of the neck. So let's just have a little look.

Now mirrors can be very helpful when doing up necklaces with clasps so you're not left guessing as to where exactly to put the clasp.

Now, how cute is that? Really, really nice. Keep messing around with it to get it to where you want it to sit. And that is just lovely.

Now the last but not least that I want to show you is the organic oval necklace. Now this comes in a matte silver and yellow gold effect. Really, really beautiful, and this is nice and long. It's a nice weight down here and it's a good show stopper kind of pendant, which is just beautiful.

So that is just a little tiny bit of what we have on our last chance section. And you know what, I think we need to change it to the sales section. Enjoy.