10 Way Necklace - Cream Pearl - choose magnet colour

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The stunning fresh water cream pearl 10 Way Necklace gives a new look to classic pearls, while still maintaining their worldly charm! These are real fresh water pearls - the way to tell they are real is when every pearl is a unique shape.

PEARL CARE: Keep chemicals like hairspray and and perfumes away from your pearls. 

These luxurious creamy fresh water pearls have a beautiful lustre, so whether you choose to wear them as a single strand, medium or long style you will be sure to create to beautiful looks that will accessorise your entire wardrobe beautifully. 

Be sure to check out the many accessories that gives this amazing necklace even more styles.

Necklace Measurements: 

Single Strand - 39.5cm, Feature Bracelet - 9.5cm/piece, Triple Strand - 40cm

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