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Winter Scarf Red/Biscuit - Last chance 20% off!

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Gorgeous Silk/Fine Wool Scarves

N.B - please note that the fringe on the scarf may unravel, it is the nature of the fibre and is part of the look. To avoid this you can choose to put a knot at the end of each strand. This scarf is a stunning duo colour style, with burgundy on one side and biscuit on the other. The fringe on the scarf is in the cranberry. The softness and warmth of the scarf is attributed to the predominant fibre content of alpaca, cashmere and a small amount of rabbit fur. Care Instructions: hand wash and lay flat to dry or dry clean.

    In over 20 different patterns

    Made of very fine, soft silk or fine merino wool

    55cm x 180cm in dimensions

    Endless styling opportunities

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