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10 Way Necklace - Satin Silver

The 10 Way Necklace

Wear it 10+ different ways!

With the Satin Silver 10 Way Necklace we have used mostly matte metal beads with a shiny silver metal bead placed evenly along each strand. The difference in texture results in a really stunning 10 Way Necklace that can be mixed with any other colour in the range. N.B. The Satin 10 Way Necklace Feature bracelet is now in 10mm. Measurements of the 10 Way Necklace pieces: Single Strand - 39.5cm, Feature Bracelet - 9.5cm/piece, Triple Strand - 40cm

    Amazingly versatile; the only accessory you need

    Works with any neckline, any outfit & any occasion

    Perfect for travelling & cruising

    Add extra sparkle with accessories

What's in the box?

  • Single strand. You can wear it short, as a multi wrap bracelet, or use it as a base for pendants, tassels, and other accessories.
  • Two connectors. They appear on each side of the necklace, but you can also wear one in the middle of your single strand, as a bracelet and more.
  • Triple strand. It has three strands staggered slightly, one above the other. You can wear it by itself, add it to the single strand with a connector on the side, and more.
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It’s been several weeks and Still waiting on my jewelry to arrive.......!!

I still have not received my merchandise. Do you have a tracking number?

Cindy B.
United States United States
I have not received my necklaces yet

I have not received my necklaces yet

Brenda H.
United States United States
1st time buyer

My experience was great. I got my necklace before I thought I would get it. I love it and have my next one picked out.

Tammy S.
United States United States
Satin Silver 10 Way Necklace

This necklace is exquisite and so versatile with the various pendants. I’ve ordered the black crystal 10 way and can’t wait to receive it.

Emily D.
United States United States