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Q. Will the colour shades of materials be the same?

Whether it's, crystals, pearls or natural stone different colour batches can always vary slightly, this cannot be helped.

All items need to be in original condition and packaging, and received by us within 30 days for a refund or credit. Our return policy can be found in full on link below. Please read this before returning any items to us as you will to make sure the goods meet our criteria and you will need the form to return the goods with.

Shipping and Returns

We ensure that our magnets are a beautiful quality that never lose their magnetism. They are double plated with either rhodium, real rose or yellow gold. Please keep in mind that the use of perfumes, chemicals like hairspray and moisture may have an effect on the colour. As will the acidity in your skin that can vary over time. We have had customers that have owned a 10 Way Necklace for years and the colour of magnets are as good as when they purchased it. Everybody is different.

With all fashion jewellery you must be mindful about the exposure to chemicals and moisture. Please avoid applying perfume and hairspray near any fashion jewellery. The same goes for water/perspiration, so do not wear the 10 Way Necklace when you swim or shower.

The magnets are strong enough to handle normal wear and tear. With the bracelet it's important to remain mindful of it when you are doing different tasks when the bracelet could get pulled on - for example taking a jacket off.

Magnets can interfere with pacemakers, so it's best not to wear magnetic jewellery if you have a pacemaker.

The entire 10 Way Necklace range come with a 1 year guarantee. If you have any issue we will work with you to make sure it's repaired or replaced in no time. One of the things we pride ourselves on is our after-sales service as evidenced by the hundreds of positive customer reviews we have received. Email us at for any enquiries.