She's wrangled the investors on the Shark Tank, now Maria shares her secrets on how to stay ahead of the competition

Maria Nicola chats to Profile Magazine about her remarkable journey since appearing on Shark Tank and shares her top tips on what it takes to stay ahead of the competition.

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Season 2 Episode 10 Highlights

A jeweller drives a hard bargain, while weed killing is just a click away

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Meet Maria. She just made a big deal on Shark Tank and you’ll definitely want her product.

Appearing on Wednesday night's episode of Shark Tank, Nicola presented the impressive creation to the panel, seeking a $75,000 investment for a 20 per cent stake in the small business.

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Why this necklace is the only accessory you need

After her appearance on last night's episode of Shark Tank we caught up with Maria (pictured) to find out more about her simple, yet versatile 10 Way Necklace.

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Maria Nicola Ten Way Necklace Interview

A leading jeweler believes there's been a major shift in the shopping habits of women that can be seen across online, in store and party plan purchases.

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Maria Nicola: The 10-Way Necklace

Designing and sourcing jewellery to sell in her retail stores was how Maria Nicola channeled her love of jewellery. But after her divorce, Maria had to make some changes to the way she did business.

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