Crystal Range

A great way to accessorise with a shirt is to wear a short triple strand as well as a long layer on top of the shirt. In this pic the Sea Green Link necklace is being worn. Black & white is always a great combo! Black Crystal & Cream Pearl
Black Crystal 10 Way looks great on every colour Black Crystal against a light patterned silk top Black Crystal single strand with Cream Pearl connectors worn as bracelets
Black Crystal triple strand teamed with Black Lave triple strand Black Crystal with Rose Gold magnets Black Lava & Black Crystal (bracelet)
Black Lava and Black Crystal #2 (bracelet) Chamnpagne Crystal layered with Cream Pearl triple strands with 1 connector and single strand in Rose Gold magnets Champagne Crystal & White Howlite 10 Way Necklace
Champagne Crystal, Satin Rose Gold & Filigree pendant Champagne Crytal with Rose Gold magnets Classic black crystal & cream fresh water pearl always looks amazing with any colour clothing
Combining similar colours with different textures always gives an amazing effect! Here’s the labradorite and the crystal platinum 10 Way Necklace! Cream Pearl and Black crystal My Ways Festive Connectors - Red and Sea Green Crystal and both the Red and Sea Green with Cream Pearl.
Golden Crystal 10 Way Necklace and the Swirl Pendant to match Golden Crystal 10 Way necklace with Sunset Sworovski Pendant Golden tones - look amazing together
Have you got the blues. Try mixing the sapphire crystal, lapis lazuli stone and the sapphire starfish for a gorgeous look! Here is the cushion emerald swarovski pendant with the sea crystal. Omg they are just so stunning. Indian Agate triple strand teamed with Sea Green Crystal single strand and 1 connector
Labradorite connectors and single strand Platinum Crystal worn as layered bracelets Lapis Lazuli with Sapphire Crystal Layering the My Way Necklaces , here are the pearl & platinum crystal worn together.
Love the way the sea green crystal make the green pop in this multicoloured scarf Matching blues with the Sapphire single strand and Sapphire Starfish pendant with the blue outfit Mixing platinum & labradorite 10 Way Necklaces to create texture with similar tones
Mixing the blues. The sapphire crystal and lapis lazuli give a stunning combination is sparkle and stone Necklace of Single Strand Sapphire Crystal and Sapphire Starfish Pendant and bracelets of Connectors and Lapis Lazuli single strand Picking the blue in gorgeous silk Al Fresco scarf with the sapphire 10 Way Necklace
Platinum Crystal single strand and connectors Platinum Crystal triple strand, Satin Silver triple strand and Satin Silver tassel Purple Crystak 10 Way
Purple Crystal Long Earrings Ruby Zoisite connectors in Rose Gold magnets paired with Sea Green single strand Ruby Zoisite triple strand and Sea Green single link with 1 connector in Yellow Gold full face
Ruby Zoisite triple strand and Sea Green single link with 1 connector in Yellow Gold Sapphire Crystal Long Earrings Sapphire Crystal short length worn off centre
Sapphire Crystal Sapphire Link & Sapphire Cryatl Satin Rose Gold, Champaigne crystal and Filigree pendant
Sea Green and Sapphire Crystel Sea Green connectors and Indian Agate single strand as bracelets Sea Green connectors with single strand as bracelets mixed with other personal jewellery
Sea Green Crystal 10 Way necklace Sea Green crystal connectors and single strand bracelets Sea Green Crystal single strand & Indian Agate Tassel
Sea Green crystal single strand as a bracelet Sea Green Crystal tripple strand worn off centre with Swirl pendant in silver The mixing of green finishes is just gorgeous. Here we have the Indian agate Limited Edition and sea green crystal 10 Way Necklaces styled together
The platinum crystal looks great on all skin colours The Satin Yellow Gold and the Golden Crystal go so well together Three Crystal Tassels - Red, Sapphire and Sea Green
Tones of green - mixing crystals with natural stone Triple strands from both Platinum Crystal and Labradorite Triple strands in Black Crystal and Cream Pearl
Turquoise Malaysian Jade connectors with Yellow Gold magnets+Turquoise Malaysian Jade single strand+Sea Green Crystal single strand With a colourful top you can’t go wrong with black crystal