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Day 2: 10+ Ways to wear your new jewellery

Hi and welcome back!

I am so excited to share all 10 ways of how you can wear your 10 Way Necklace, but before we start I want to share a little secret with you...

Although the name of this beautiful piece of jewellery is '10 Way Necklace', there are many more ways to wear it. For example you can wear a piece of it as a bracelet. Exciting right?

Jump into the next video to find out more! 


Tomorrow I will show you a new addition which you can add to your 10 Way Necklace!

We would love to see which way you like best to wear your 10 Way Necklace on our Facebook page! And if you found a new way to wear your 10 Way Necklace don't be shy and share it with us.

Keep Sparkling,