10 Way Necklace - Champagne Crystal with Rose Gold Magnets

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The champagne crystal is one of my top 2 best sellers, with the platinum crystal being the other.

This shade of crystal is a true champagne colour which are complimented with rose gold magnets that really look stunning.

The champagne 10 Way Necklace will go with most of your wardrobe. Looking fantastic on black, white and cream, and gorgeous on orange, red, purple and navy.

With the popularity of rose gold coming into fashion over the last year, try putting your champagne 10 Way Necklace on colours like grey it looks amazing!

This shade of champagne crystal also looks beautiful on print, it's such a soft colour that it does not compete with the print, rather it compliments it. 

With 10 different styles in 1 the beautiful 10 Way Necklace takes you from work to play, is a must for every holiday and makes a beautiful gift!

There are matching earrings and other accessories also available.

Measurements of the 10 Way Necklace pieces:

Single Strand - 39.5cm, Feature Bracelet - 9.5cm/piece, Triple Strand - 40cm

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