Link Necklace 47.5cm - STONE Chakra

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The Link Necklace

Elevates any outfit!

NB: This is 2.5cm longer than our typical regular length link necklace. Normally, a traditional piece of jewellery following the Chakra guide would only have lots of the 7 stones/crystals. To keep in line with this, this link necklace has 4 lots of 7 stones.

What is a chakra? The word is defined as a spinning disk of energy on the human body that runs along the spine. There are seven ‘main’ chakras along the spine that are all represented by different colours. In our Chakra collection we have in this order - amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli, ruby zoisite, yellow agate, orange agate and red agate.

The length of the strand is 47.5cm. Sizes and colours may vary slightly.

    A variety of crystals, stones & pearls

    Comes in two different sizes

    Wear it short or longer with other pieces

    Wear by itself or with the 10 Way Necklace

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