10 Way Necklace - Black Crystal With Rose Gold Magnets

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The black crystal 10 Way Necklace is very striking!
Black goes with everything so rest assured the black crystal 10 Way Necklace will go with your entire wardrobe, even if you wear a lot of black.

In fact black crystal on black fabric gives a gorgeous shimmer and is more noticeable than you would think. It also looks great on print, especially if there is some black in the print.

If you would like the black crystal to go with your gold jewellery, this one has rose gold coloured magnets. Or if you would like some rose gold jewellery added to your accessory range, this necklace is perfect.

The 10 Way Necklace is so simple in design that you can confidently wear it on plain or printed fabric, as it won't compete with the print rather it will compliment it.

With 10 different styles in 1 the beautiful 10 Way Necklace takes you from work to play, is a must for every holiday and makes a beautiful gift!

There are matching earrings and other accessories also available.

Measurements of the 10 Way Necklace pieces:
- Single Strand: 39.5cm
- Feature Bracelet: 9.5cm/piece
- Triple Strand: 40cm

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