Elegant Circle of Love Collection ✨

April 23, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Exciting news! Introducing our Circle of Love Collection.🌟

Each limited edition bundled set is pure beauty and grace.

Exquisite stones delicately paired with long strand necklaces available at an exclusive discount.

Circle of Love Set - Orange Copper Crystal Shine with celestial sparkle and warmth.

Circle of Love Set - Sapphire Crystal  Dive in deep blue luxury.

Circle of Love Set - Turquoise Crystal  Embrace tranquility with turquoise tones.

Circle of Love Set - Amethyst  Revel in regal beauty.

Circle of Love Set - Tiger Eye Experience timeless allure. 

Each set is unique, enhancing your charm effortlessly. Embrace the essence of elegance today.💖 Be quick and shop now before we sell out. 

Watch the video for fabulous styling with our Circle of Love Sets.



Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Circle Of Love Set - Turquoise crystal
Circle Of Love Set - Tiger Eye


(Video Transcript)

I hope you're all well. So we've got some beautiful bundled up sets put together for you at a discount and the fantastic thing is that uh these all these beautiful stones and we've nicknamed them Circle of Love Stones.

Look at this here, we've never ever had them before it's very limited edition at the moment.

We are definitely trying to get more but for now we've only got these two, four, six absolutely stunning. So and they come with a long strand also, a few of them never seen before either or we did but now we've got one back.

So for example, we've got the stunning Morganite with the beautiful Opalite stone, just amazing.

It's got this lovely translucent look there, really really nice, and look at that, and look at the Morganite it's this soft version.It always is pastels and it just depends on the actual stone itself. If it's bright or subdued or whatever. These are just the softest shade of pink and blues and whites, little touches of yellow here and there, really really lovely.

So that's number one of course, available in all three magnet colours. It sounds so cute.

Secondly, I'd like to show you the Goldstone. This is beautiful, look at this. We used to have this in the 10 Way Necklace range and we found this and thought we couldn't resist.

Look at the sparkle, it's like a rosey golden sparkle through that entire stone all the way through, and we've paired this up with the gorgeous Orange Copper Long Strand which is just beautiful. 

Then we've got the Blue Goldstone. It is an exact blue, dark, dark, dark blue version of the Gold Stone, just lovely there.

Consistently all the way through which is beautiful. We've matched this up with the Sapphire in the long strand, the Sapphire Crystal.

Then we've also got the Turquoise Howlite so this is a piece of Howlite Stone which has been dyed which is the same one as I'm wearing, and we've paired this up with

the beautiful yet to be released new Turquoise Crystal. Look at the colour of this soft, soft, soft uh milky kind of turquoise. Just beautiful. And it goes together with the stone just perfectly. 

Then we've got the Amethyst. The Amethyst is divine again along with an Amethyst Stone just lovely. And of course real Amethyst there as well which is just beautiful.

And then last but certainly not least, Tiger Eye. We are coming back with a Tiger Eye 10 Way Necklace range later on in the year, but for now we can offer you the Long Strand as well as the Tiger Eye Stone pendant there, which is just amazing.

Always keep in mind whenever it comes to stone, no two pieces will ever be the same.

So for example, it'll be similar, we only we only sell things on our website that we can get fairly similar one to the next.

So for example there's the one side of three Tiger Eye Stones very similar but not exactly the same, and here's the back, really really beautiful, similar not the same. 

So for example to show you as well, here is the dyed Howlite Stone I've got in the Turquoise, there's one side, there's the other, and we really can't control the differences that these stones will show as that's the beauty of natural stone.

There's the Amethyst there, there's one side of it, and there is the other side. Now the one stone that will be the same each and every time is the Goldstone and the Blue Goldstone as these are a man-made stone.

So as you can see, almost identical slight shades of colour. Varying Blue Goldstone is the same as the Goldstone. The similarities in each one again because it's man-made.  

And last but not least, you've got the beautiful Opalite. So to compare three different ones and we've never had anything like this. I just love it. Look at that, it's just amazing. There's the back on those. They are very very very similar, just beautiful.

And just for kicks, I want to show you what it looks like on. Oh look at that.

So having said all this, get more than one and mix and match them. That's how it looks on black, it does show a little bit of the black behind and also there's how it looks on a colour so it does pick up a little bit of the color from behind but still definitely keeps the the white moonstone  look to that Opalite. 

So here's how you can wear this beautiful set. So you got the Long Strand and the beautiful Circle of Love Stone, so you can wear it double stranded up short, you can wear it long like this which is gorgeous. Be mindful if you're sitting down and knocking this, hitting a glass table or something like that. Do be mindful of that.

And what's lovely is that you can also wear the long strand as a multi-wrap bracelet, wrap it four or five times around your wrist depending on how you like it to sit and that's it there, which is just beautiful.

So depending on whether you're looking at Crystal Collections or Stone Collections, have a look at the price point because each one has a different price to the next depending on what the actual value of it is.

You'll see the before and after price on the website but you do need to be quick as we do expect all of this to run out very quickly because most of this we have never ever had before.

So click the link below and check out the Circle of Love Collection now.