Your Favourites are Back ✨

August 28, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

💃Get ready to do a happy dance, because we've got some seriously sparkly news to share…

The wait is OVER! Your favourites are BACK in stock, and we're bursting with excitement to share the details with you:

 💎 Sapphire Crystal

Metallic magic that's oh-so-pretty. It's back to upgrade your style game.

🔵 Sapphire Link Necklace

The dreamy trio of Sapphire Crystal, Blue Gold stone, and Lapis Lazuli is a feast for the eyes especially when matched with the 10 Way Necklace. Get ready to mix, match, and slay.

AB Crystal

Dazzles with rainbow-like magic, matching seamlessly with everything you wear. Let your outfit shine!

Black Crystal

Elegant, mysterious, and ready to dazzle. It's perfect for jazzing up any of your outfits.

Platinum Crystal

It's back and more gorgeous than ever!  Platinum Crystal works its shimmering magic on everyone. Get ready to turn heads.

💎 Filigree Earrings

The perfect match for your filigree pendants! Available in three colours, they are the definition of elegance. Pair them up for a stunning ensemble!

💍 Sparkle Ring

The comeback you've been waiting for! Versatile and chic – wear as pendants or create a Lariat masterpiece.

That's a whole lot of sparkle coming your way. 🌟

Get in on the magic ASAP! Shop now and shine bright as ever.

Watch Maria's video for sparkly styling suggestions.


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Sparkle Ring Pendant
10 Way Necklace - AB Crystal

(Video Transcript)

So I'm so excited to tell you! We've had a delivery. So quite a few bitsies that were out of stock for a little while now are back. 


This has been one of the colours from the very beginning, just beautiful. The Sapphire Crystal it's lovely, it's a metallic color, and it's very very pretty.  

Speaking of Sapphire, we've also got the Sapphire Link back in woot woot, it's such a relief to get this stuff back in and finally get back to some questions if.."yes we've got it back." 

In the Sapphire link, you've got Sapphire Crystal, a Blue Gold stone and that's it. Yeah oh no no, and Lapis I thought there was one more, and Lapis Lazuli so and they alternate all the way around so this is beautiful too. 

The links can be worn on their own, they come in two different size necklaces and two different size bracelets. They can also be added to the rest of the 10 Way Necklace to create beautiful and different looks.

What else is back in? The AB Crystal. Hallelujah! The AB is also a bit of a, it shines different colours as well like all AB crystals do, named after Aurora Borealis because it's got that rainbowy kind of effect. Look at that. You can even see on the black how it's shining different colours there. This goes with everything and it pops on black, blends on white, just sparkles beautifully on white, really really beautiful. So that's the AB.

What else is back in? Black Crystal yay! Black Crystal's back in. Now, surprisingly even on black, look at how elegant this is. Just a little bit of sparkle as I move. Of course black goes with everything as well and looks fantastic for a little bit of, a little bit to jazz up your outfit.

Also the Platinum's back in. Yay! The Platinum was definitely the first. Was it the first? It was the first. Oh my gosh there you go, sorry about that, Platinum we let you get out of stock. So just beautiful, this colour really is amazing on skin. It pops no matter what colour skin you've got, no matter what clothes you're wearing. It really has a beautiful sparkle and is really divine.

Next we've got the Filigree Earrings back in. These are gorgeous. Available in all three magnet colours all three colours, I should say, very very nice. They are exactly the pendant, exactly the same size and pattern. So they do go very very well, I'll just grab some things.

To say for example if I get the Platinum Crystal back in, pop it on, pop a pendant in, the pendant that comes also in all three magnet colors, all three colors. And then if you wanted to, I'll get my little earring duvalaki that the gorgeous Judy Dunn gave me, the customer, look at that. Gorgeous and perfect matching set.

Now I may have saved the best for last. Our Sparkle rings are back. Or we waited so long, so long, too long. This is beautiful. I've got the rose gold one to show you, and it just does so many wonderful things, the sparkle ring here it is. It's got this a little sparkle effect as you can see, hence why we called it Sparkle Ring.

Now what's fantastic about this is it can be worn as a pendant. Really beautiful. Very elegant whether you wear it simple or plain, or high. Whether you want to wear it off to the side just like that, whether you want to wear two opposite each other, whether you want to slide this around wear it basically exactly as you wear all your other pendants, okay gorgeous.

Then you can also use it like we used our Lariat Rings, okay. So let's get this happening again, let's pop this on, bring it to the front. 

Okay, then we can get the connectors.Now there are so many different ways to wear this. You can really have some fun with your using it as a Lariat. So there it is there, slide one connector through like that. See how it's gone through there, and then go to our Lariat end section and grab chains or crystals or that kind of thing, pop it at the end to create a gorgeous Lariat effect.

And now whether you want to mix colours up, I'm going to grab the yellow gold in the minis. If you want to make it longer, just add a little more in, pop it down, make it even lower, it's completely up to you.

And once again, like the entire 10 Way Necklace range, this is versatile and movable and changeable to work with your entire outfit. So I hope you've enjoyed all the stuff that's back in stock. Thank goodness.

So thrilled to be able to give you all the goodies again and yeah, take care and keep sparkling.