Maria Nicola: The 10-Way Necklace

January 11, 2016 by Author Maria Nicola

Maria Nicola spent 20 years designing and selling jewellery before she literally ‘had a dream’ that changed the way she thought about accessories; and it will change your thinking too.

Designing and sourcing jewellery to sell in her retail stores was how Maria Nicola channeled her love of jewellery. But after her divorce, Maria had to make some changes to the way she did business. Having spent years helping women, and some men, buy jewellery Maria started a Party Plan business. A keen observer of people, she had almost subconsciously taken on board all the things women felt about buying jewellery.

One night, Maria Nicola literally had a dream that gave her the idea for the 10-way necklace. She admits, she’s been like a bull at a gate ever since. And now, with a potentially life-changing episode on The Shark Tank (Network 10, June 22) Maria may see more of her dream come true.

10 Way Necklaces

In an ingenious design, different lengths of differently sized crystals can be mixed and matched at will joined and separated by silver magnets that appear to be part of the design. Maria Nicola calls it The 10-Way Necklace because it can be styled ten different ways. However, she says she is constantly surprised by clients who find news ways to style the pieces that make up the necklace, and bracelet.

In this video, you’ll see how easily and creatively the Maria Nicola 10-Way Necklace can be styled. And by having more than one necklace, you’ll find fun new ways to create different styles and mix colour variations.

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Crystal Tassel

The crystal tassel is a beautiful way to add some BoHo vibe to the 10-Way Necklace. This can be attached to various lengths giving the necklace even more variations. And let’s face it… who doesn’t love a fun tassel?

Crystal Pendant

Similarly, the stunning crystal pendant gives more options and is stunning as a choker centrepiece or worn to the side with a slightly longer necklace. In the interview, Maria Nicola tells the story of how she came to add the pendant… just ten days before her appearance in the Shark Tank.