Dazzle with our Stunning Earrings!😍

April 24, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I'm so excited to announce the launch of our latest collection of exquisite earrings!😍

Ranging from lightweight sleek pieces with elegant patterns and designs, to a timeless piece that brings back vintage glamour, they are sure to add an extra touch of sparkle and sophistication to your wardrobe.💫

Prepare to be mesmerised by our collection of glamorous earrings :

🧡 Marcasite Style Earrings

🧡 Geometric Drop Earrings

🧡 Teardrop Glitter Stencil Earrings

🧡 Chains and Pearls Earrings

These earrings will enhance your look and add a touch of style to any outfit.

I can't wait to see you shine bright with our stunning and sparkly earrings!💖


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Earring - Geometric Drop

Earring - Teardrop Glitter Stencil

(Video Transcript)

I'm so excited to be able to show you some new earrings that we now have available.

So let's start with the Marcasite Earring. These are beautiful, they come in two different colors and they've got lots and lots of encrusted kind of crystals here, all slightly varying sizes. And what they've done is as the earring returns on the back, they've flipped it so the crystals go from showing here to showing on the inside which are just so divine.

This is how they look on this is the clear crystal which is bright, like kind of like a white crystal set into a yellow gold backing. The other one is like a bronze kind of color like a charcoal colored crystal set into like a more pewter bronze kind of backing which is just divine. There, they're the Marcasite. 

Then we've got these beautiful Geometric Earrings, they're gorgeous. This is the wine color over here, and this is the clear color. 

Now look at that, it's so sweet, just beautiful.

That's them there, you can see them like that, so in my in the dark hair, funnily enough, the clear shows up. Just give that little spotting of a sparkle and then with the dark one like always with me, the dark ones disappear. But if you had your hair up or you're a bit of a blonde or fair, that's how they would show. They're just gorgeous. Love these.

And once again, all my earrings are lightweight. These are a little bit heavier than what I would normally go for, just a little bit but I just couldn't resist. They were just so beautiful. 

So then, we've got this earring here which I love love love. The Teardrop Glitter Earring. Now look at this. These are super lightweight, look at that. They're so thin, they've got this little layering effect which is sweet. So this has like a stencil kind of cut out see-through effect. 

Then it's got a super plain glittery effect there and that one sits on top of the other so you get a bit of movement there. They are quite long and the back is the same. Okay so that's them, there. Look at that, how elegant is that? It's so sweet. So like I said super lightweight you will forget they're there. 

Then you've got the earring, we call this Chains and Pearls.  So this is like a hoop. Basically it's a hoop with a bit that goes through your ear, then you've got some lovely chains that are knotted and they fall in irregular lengths to a little real fresh water teardrop,  freshwater pearl, and that's just so sweet there. These are quite long, top to bottom they're nine centimeters long, but they're just so thin and fine you really do forget they're there.  

Now that's all of what we've released. Please know that whatever I've shown you is the only

color they come in, so for example these only come in yellow gold, the clear and the geometric in the wine or the clear, that's all they come in, and they've got a yellow gold backing.

All the photos are in the website so if you like what you see, have a little look.