Unlock Eggceptional Easter Discounts!

April 04, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hello Ladies! 

Easter isn't just for the kids this year! 🐰 🤸‍♀️ You can have fun, too!

Hatch discounts at our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt and get great savings on our jewellery,  accessories, and fashion items!

🐰The Easter Bunny has spread 150 magical easter eggs across our website.

All you have to do is:

🔎 Head over to and join the Easter Egg Hunt! There are 150 colorful eggs hidden all over the site, so keep your eyes peeled. Eggs are located on various products under the product name, as shown in the image below. We recommend adding products you want to buy to the cart as you hunt, so you're ready to checkout when you find an egg. And don't worry if there's no egg on the item you want to buy, any egg found on the site will work on every product.

👉 Click on the eggs to uncover hidden discount codes! Search carefully to find the biggest discount you can, and then copy or write down the code. These codes can be used on any and all products on the site, not just the product where you found the code.

🐰 Hop to it and enter the code at checkout to get the discount on your entire order! Don't miss out on this exciting Easter Egg Hunt and the chance to save big. Happy hunting! 

You can only use one code per transaction, so be sure to use the biggest discount you can find! 

The codes are valid from April 6th, 9am AEST until April 11th, 11:59pm AEST but some discounts can only be used a limited number of times so be quick.

Unwrap the magic of Easter and use your discount on any of these gorgeous items:

💖10 Way Necklace (in over 30 colours)

💖 Link necklaces, bracelets, earrings

💖 Pendants and tassels

💖 Kimonos, capes, and scarves

So get egg-cited! Click away on those magical discount eggs now and add some sparkle to your wardrobe!💖


(Video Transcript)

Join us for our Easter Sale. Yes, you could get up to 25% on our entire range, from jewellery, clothing, and so much more here at We hope you join us to get as many excellent discounts possible.

There are so many savings to be had this Easter across our entire website. Let's start with the 10 Way Necklace which is what I was showing you with the Pink Agate and now the Imperial Jasper. 

There's so many ways to wear this. And did you know you can get a further discount on top of the Easter discount than you already find if you purchase in a bundle?

If you get the 10 Way Necklace, a pair of mini connectors and a tassel which our Sparkle sisters have told us, is the most popular way to purchase a new range. 

You get a further 10% off these three products put together. So once you find your Easter discount, apply it to a bundle to receive even more of a discount. And what they allow you to do is add a tassel style to the creation and add a little more length to different stylings with the mini connectors. Use one or two in different stylings to allow even more length to different pieces. 

Now as you may already realize, the 10 Way Necklace has accessories. This is our beautiful link necklace that can be worn by itself. And as you know with the 10 Way Necklace range, it's also versatile. Every piece does a lot more than just one piece. You

can create long and short styles with the beautiful link necklace range.

Now colours, we have so many beautiful colours and finishes in this entire 10 Way

Necklace range, it is amazing. We have crystals, we have fresh water pearls, natural stone, and satin metal beads.

So no matter what your taste, where you're

going,  or what neckline you're wearing, you can create the perfect styling that's unique just to you. Because with the 10 Way Necklace range, you become the jewellery designer.

So hop on down to our website, have a good Easter egg hunt, and make sure you find the biggest discounts possible. And keep in mind there is a limited amount of times you can use each discount so the biggest ones will go the quickest.

So head on down to and get your hopping, I mean shopping on, now.