Important Update on Our Prices👇

March 21, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


As a valued customer, I wanted to personally reach out to give you advance notice of upcoming changes to our jewellery prices.

For the first time since I started the business 6 years ago, we need to increase our prices due to inflation and rising production costs. 

I assure you that we have not made this decision lightly. The cost of materials and labour have increased significantly over the past few years and we have resisted increasing prices for as long as possible. However, it has now become necessary for us to make these changes to maintain our commitment to delivering the high-quality jewellery and customer service that you have come to know and love.

The changes will vary by individual product, not a standard percentage across the site. And because we have not increased our prices in over six years, some of the products need to increase by more than we would like. In particular, pearls and many of the stones have increased significantly in cost and those ranges are therefore more affected as are the Tassels, Link, Long and Medium Strand necklaces. 

Fortunately, some collections such as the Crystal 10 Way Necklaces and all the fashion items can remain the same price, and a handful of products, such as the Amazonite and Amethyst will actually decrease in price.

The price changes will take effect on March 31st at 9:00AM (AEDT) and as a loyal customer, we want to give you the opportunity to purchase any of these gorgeous pieces at their current prices before the increase goes into effect. 

Thank you for your love, support, loyalty, and understanding. We remain committed to providing you the best quality products and exceptional service.💖

Let’s all keep shining bright together. 💫

Keep sparkling,




(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. Just wanted to send a little message saying how much we appreciate your loyalty and your love for our products as much as we love them over the last six years.

It's been amazing and we have truly, truly loved serving you, entertaining you, offering you beautiful sparkles to feel gorgeous on the inside and out, and also now fashion as well.

What I also need to tell you is going to happen on March 31st, is that we are needing to have a price rise.  As you will know across the world globally, things have changed quite quickly especially due to covid, so all our prices have gone up at our end. We've had labor costs, material costs, all sorts of delivery costs increase at our end, and up until now, we've taken it all on board for you.

However, it is time to make a few shifts across the entire range of jewellery. 

Some have stayed the same, for example the 10 Way Necklace Crystal range, some have gone up, and a few have managed to actually go down in price which has just been wonderful.

Where we can we have, we have repriced the range on a one product by one product basis and it's been a tedious task, not one that I've especially enjoyed, but it had to be done. 

I really, really thank you again for your understanding along this way, and it is just a part of business that none of us like doing, but it does reach a point that for the first time in six years, we've had to do it.

Now why are we giving you the heads up? We just wanted to give you a chance to jump back in and catch a few of those different pieces that maybe you were thinking: "should I, shouldn't I," at the original prices before the price change, which will be on March 31st.

So we just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up to jump in and grab some pieces that you might like. Now please know nothing else is changing. We still want to give you the best customer service, the best quality products, and three lives a week, Sparkle Sisterhood, all of that is remaining.

We pride ourselves in being able to look after you in the best possible ways that we can, and keep you sparkling on the inside and out.

So thank you once again for being such an important part of our jewellery journey. Thank you for joining us along the path, and also don't forget to keep sparkling.