Stunning Filigree Sphere Pendants💖

March 20, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Add elegance to your style with our lovely new Filigree Sphere Pendants💖

Available in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold colours, these sphere pendants created in the exact style as the Filigree Lariat ends,  will add a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your every outfit.😍

Choose from among lots of styling ideas for the Filigree Sphere pendants!🤩

💖Create eye-catching, beautiful designs by matching them with the 10 Way Necklace (over 30 colours), link necklaces, Tri-colour link necklace, or style together with Lariat ends.

💖Mix the colours, and you can even use all three Filigree colour pendants together!

Whether you choose to wear it off-centre, or as a classic front centered pendant, wear as a dressy piece or prefer a simple look, these Filigree spheres will give you that perfect touch of glamour.💫 

Watch Maria demonstrate lots of styling ideas for the stunning Filigree Sphere Pendants.


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(Video Transcript)

These are the lovely new Filigree pendants. You may remember the lovely Filigree Lariat ends that we've got.


They came of course in yellow gold, silver, and rose. They're Lariat ends to create different Lariat styles.


Well, in exactly the same styles, we have created a pendant. It's one pendant by itself, one sphere by itself. The Filigree Spheres, these are beautiful. 


Look at this. So I'll show you just a few styling things that you can create with the Filigree spheres. 


So uh let's start with the silver shall we? It's beautiful. What's really lovely about these two is that they're hollow. The cut out, let me see if I can get more focus here. The cutout is through, and you can actually see through see through the circle so it's very very light in weight which is wonderful. 


So one of the many many styles, and this is just keeping it really really simple for you to get your head around it, you can create a lovely off-center effect. There. Really nice. 


Then you can also have it just a nice really beautiful classic pendant there and I know I've got this with the Platinum Crystal, but please don't think they are only a dressy piece. 


I'll show you what the rose gold looks like with stone. So this is the rose gold effect. And look at that, it is just beautiful. Really really nice. So whether you want to wear it as a pendant like that, off-center to one side, now you can get two and balance it up and have one on each side, no problem at all.


Then you can always slide this across, so really just exactly the same way you would choose all your other pendants you would style all your other pendants, is the same way that you would style this it's beautiful.


There's no wrong side to it. There's no if it flips it's just round and really, really gorgeous like that. Now don't forget as well, you can actually use all three if you like to do something like um uh color mixing. 


So for example, let's get the Smokey Quartz Crystal. Pop a yellow gold in one side, a silver in the middle, and a rose gold at the end.


Okay, so you can use all three colours or double up and use the same colour with sandwiched with something else in the middle so isn't that sweet!


So whether you want to wear them as a front center pendant, whether you want to then add the triple strand to the bottom of that, totally up to you.


Just like this. That's really lovely there or whether you want to let me just show you as well, with a Tri-colour link necklace which I just adore.  It's one of my absolute favorite pieces. 


This would look amazing with this because it's already using three different metal colors there and you're just adding just a little bit of feature right there. Very very sweet. 


And also whether you choose to create a Lariat style, of course these are going to look beautiful with their matching Lariat ends.


So let me just grab the cream fresh water pearls, pop that on like that I'm going to get a glasses ring, pop it on one side then what we can also do is grab the rose gold.


I'll just do rose gold styling here, pop this here just for a little bit of difference, then bring this down, grab the mini connectors, okay so it's just like, it really is Lady Lego.


The ladies in the Sisterhood have um nicknamed this jewelry range Lady Lego and it really honestly is, you can just keep styling and going until your heart's content.


Now the great thing about Lariat styling is that as you go, you can just change things up as you're going along.


Take a piece out of here, put a piece in there. So I've got the Filigree Sphere up, here I've got this Filigree Lariat end down here, now just as easily as we created that look, you can just take the connectors out and create a shorter style just like that.


Really, really simple. So just depending on where you're going, what mood you're in, because I don't know about you but I do tend to accessorize depending on what mood I'm in. And whether it gets chunky and bold and beautiful or really really just simple, then and what neckline you're wearing. 


So this goes beautifully with a v-neckline, if the fabric was up high, it's beautiful as well you could just see more there, so it's really up to you what you can create with your lovely Filigree Sphere and even also the Lariat ends if you like.