Gorgeous Cape, Leather Bags, Scarf 😍

May 01, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I'm delighted to show you our newest gorgeous items that we're launching this week: The Blue Doors Cape, Wendy Leather Bags and the Plum Scarf.🤩

💖The stunning and soft Blue Doors Cape made of fine wool and a bit of silk can add a touch of style and can be worn countless ways!

💖The beautiful and functional Wendy Leather Bag with very soft leather, is not only stylish but practical as well with its compartments and pockets. It comes in these fabulous colours: Pink, Black, Tan, Lime, Brown, Latte, and Denim.

💖The lovely Plum Scarf can be worn as a wrap, too, and beautifully combines hues of purples, blues, and light colours, and is available in modal silk, fine wool, and silk.

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Leather Bag - Wendy

Scarf - Fine Wool - Plum

(Video Transcript)

Well hello everyone! This week's launch has been super fun because we're bringing in a completely new gorgeous bag, look at that, that's the back right there, nice and plain, and the front has two gorgeous compartments. 

Anyway, I'll get to that in a minute. 

So we've got the beautiful Blue Doors Cape. Now uh this is just lovely you know our capes, they're made of fine wool with a little bit of silk in them just for softness and it's beautiful.

I've got it draped across the shoulder on one side, and there's many different ways you can wear the cape. 

Now it's got midnight blues, light blues through here, white charcoal through it.

It's really really lovely. And yes you could just stick it over the top of any outfit whether it's a singlet, long-sleeve top, or whatever you like wear, lots of different ways. And or wear it like a scarf so you can easily wear it like that, or sling one side over, and at the other side hang as well.  There's countless ways to wear this beautiful Blue Doors Cape.

Now on to the gorgeous Wendy Leather Bag, this is just beautiful.

As I mentioned before, I've got a new supplier and this is really exciting to be working with wonderfully good people that you can know and trust, and quality is the number one name of their game.

Now this comes in the beautiful Pink that's really really soft, just gorgeous as well as the leather is super soft as well. 

We've got the Black, nice classic Black, super easy, these are great for travel, this kind of bag. It's cross the shoulder and very very easy to make longer, shorter, whatever you like.

This color is the Tan. So this is beautiful. It's like a mustard kind of light-colored Tan. 

Then we've got the Lime which is just gorgeous.

Then we've got the Brown that's lovely jubbly, really really nice.

Then we've got the Latte which is beautiful.

And then we've got the Denim, we're going to call it Denim because it's softer. He's called it midnight blue, but I think it's more of a Denim, actually, it's a real true denim color. So let's check out what is inside.

So as I said, two Deep Pockets on the outside and on the inside, this lining is absolutely beautiful. So let's empty this little one out. 

So we've got all the fantastic beautifully done lining with the leather trim accent on all the little pockets. You've got a zip compartment here, and then you've also got so this inside, zip compartment is ideally what you have against your body.

So if you are going to have your phone on in there, you'd feel the vibration against your body, otherwise here is two really big pockets.

They are as deep as the bag. Right here, and then the other one, we are yeah yeah they're really nice and deep, very very generous in the compartment section for such a little bag. And then you've got a nice deep pocket right there for whatever you like.

So that's it there, just nice and open and whatever. Absolutely beautiful.

So these are brand spanking new to the range with in all those colors that I showed you. 

Then we've got the beautiful Plum and gorgeous scarf there, look it's got beautiful shades of plum, purple, spots of green through it as well as light colors throughout the end. 

They're like a very very soft blues it's just beautiful. 

So we've got it in all three fabrics. So this is the modal silk just beautiful there, really really nice.

Then we've also got it in the fine wool which is always a little more subdued in fabric, in colour I should say, a little bit more subdued in colour which is just beautiful.

And then you've got the silk which is they're all soft and flowy.

This is a little more stronger in colour because of the nature of the smoothness of the fabric so it shows the colour up more. So of course you can wear all these gorgeous scarves as a wrap, as a scarf, or throw them over your shoulder or wear it in countless different ways that you like.

So if you liked any of our new launched products this week, please go along to the website and check them out now.