A Lovely Second Week in Cyprus💖

May 22, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I hope you're having an amazing week.💖

🤩My 2nd week in Cyprus was full of family, adventure, visiting new places and food of course - so lovely. 💕

In this video, in order you'll see - my cousin who celebrated her birthday🎂, an 800 year old church in a village called Kiti ⛪, a beautiful restaurant on the beach called Theta🏖,  food cooked in an old fashioned outdoor brick oven for 8 hours🍲,  a castle in Larnaca 🏰, a gallery in Larnaca 🖼,  and a church on the way to Limassol💒.

Next adventure was in a 5-star resort in Governor's Beach Limassol Marina 🏖, and then a boat trip I took there🚤, a gorgeous bar 🥂, a restaurant/bar in Mackenzie called Lush, a Taverna with live music🎵, and a church "Ayios Lazarus" (Saint Lazarus) by night in Larnaca⛪.

And then we had a marvelous visit to a village called Zygi where we had a coffee on the water☕, and then stunning lunch and views at a hotel/restaurant high in the mountains called Tochni Tavern🌄, and finally, a church⛪ in Zygi called "Ayios Constandinos and Ayias Eleni" (Saint Constandinos & Saint Eleni).

This 2nd week in Cyprus was just memorable, with all the fun experiences and magnificent sights to behold!💖😍

Can't wait to tell you more next time!🥰


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