My First Week in Cyprus😍

May 15, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I hope you're well.

Da Mumma and I are in Cyprus having a fantastic time seeing family, the sights, and doing shoots with the jewellery.🥰

This video is my first week in Cyprus and in order, you will see - 🛫Sydney Airport - Doha Airport - "Pou re re" which means "It's so good!" from family - villages - churches⛪ - a fantastic restaurant,  and a "Pou re re" from there too; a resort which has a church in it 💒, a street festival 🎊, a surprise birthday party for my cousin 🎂, and we danced the night away. 💃 Of course a "Pou re re" from there too. 😍

😂Mum trying to steal little pots but her pockets weren't big enough lol; a gorgeous cafe where the food was extraordinary🙌; a cousin that was born in England wishing you all well.💗

Lastly, another town, and this was very special.🥰  In a church in Ayia Napa, we had a chat with a priest, and simply being in his presence brought us to tears.💖

As we were leaving, he asked for our names so he could say a prayer for us.🙏 I then asked him for his name and he said "Father Elias," which is my father's name,💗 he passed 3 years ago. The priest then said, "You've taken a piece of my heart with you." 💛 

Father Elias is in the last photo of the video. Needless to say, we were very touched by this experience.💖

I hope you enjoy this video.💫


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