Last Day for Easter Savings!

April 04, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


Hello Ladies! 

Have you found an Eggcelent discount yet? 🐰

Don't miss out on our fabulous virtual Egg Hunt brought to you by the Easter Bunny who has spread 150 magical easter eggs across our website.💖

All you have to do is: 

🔎Search for the colourful Easter Eggs at

👉Click the eggs to uncover hidden discount codes on all jewellery, accessories, and fashion items.

🐰Enter the code at checkout to claim the discount 🤩

✅ You can only use one code per transaction, so be sure to use the biggest discount you can find! 

The codes are valid until April 11th 11:59 PM AEST but some discounts can only be used a limited number of times so be quick.


(Video Transcript)

Yes, Easter is upon us and it's time to hop around our website for our yearly Easter Egg Hunt.

You can receive a discount code up to 25% if you keep looking under all the eggs around the entire website, but you've got to be quick, all the discount codes can only be used a number of times so you've got to hop around the website nice and quickly.

Now we've got 10 Way Necklaces, they come

in beautiful colors like this beautiful Raspberry Crystal, real stone like the gorgeous Pink Agate, and so many more.

There are so many different colors and finishes to choose from, it is amazing. We have crystals, real freshwater pearls, and satin metal, the range goes on and on to satisfy every taste out there. 

Now you might be wondering how do I start buying the 10 Way Necklace because the 10 Way Necklace is the necklace with accessories. Well, the Sparkle Sisters in the Sisterhood have chosen one particular way they love to shop, it's called a Bundle. And you receive 10% off for these three items.

In the Bundle, you receive a 10 Way Necklace, a matching tassel which every color has one, and a pair of mini connectors.

Now just a few styles for the tassel, it can be worn short by itself, added to the rest of the 10 Way Necklace for a more casual Bohemian look. Or put the rest of the 10 Way Necklace in and create a lovely beautiful layered look. Then you can grab the mini connectors. Now for example, where you've got a beautiful pendant, yes we have a lot of different pendants in our range as well, that's how it's worn short. 

Now if you'd like a little more room at the base of the neck, you can pop this in, but of course this is lady lego as they like to call it, and you can use these pieces in so many different other styles. 

So if you choose to purchase the

mini connectors, the 10 Way Necklace, and the tassel, you receive a bonus 10% discount.

So apply your Easter egg code to this, and you receive even more of a discount. 

So like I said the 10 Way Necklace has tassels, mini connectors, pendants, and also link necklaces. There's one for every color range. The link necklace can be worn short on its own, and then you can start adding it to the

rest of the 10 Way Necklace to create different styles again. Because with the 10 Way Necklace, you become the jewellery designer.

Now let me show you our kimonos. We've got beautiful kimonos. These can be worn long, they can actually be worn upside down as well to create a completely different look.

Watch this, they're long but then once you turn it upside down, you can create a lovely

shorter Bolero jacket. And then if you're by the pool or going away on holidays, pop it around your waist for a lovely little sarong. 

We've also got stunning capes, Italian silk clothing, and beautiful scarves. Most of them come in fine wool, modal silk, and luxurious silk as well.

So there's a lot to see at this Easter and don't forget our beautiful freshwater cream pearls that are real because you can mix and match your colouring to go with your clothing that you're wearing perfectly.

So hop on over to now, and make sure you check out as many Easter eggs as you can to get the highest discount level that you can. Because there are a limit on how many we will offer.

Go to and take advantage on all our beautiful Easter specials now.