Mother's Day Gift Sets

April 13, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


Hello Ladies! 

Mother's Day is just around the corner. 🥰 Celebrate Mum and every special woman (including yourself) with Our Mother's Day Gift Sets.💖

They’re designed to make every Mum's eyes sparkle like never before,🌟  the perfect piece to wear to look elegant and fabulous on Mother's Day.🤩

They consist of an AB Crystal Medium Strand Necklace and not one but TWO gorgeous Pendants

💎A matching AB Austrian Crystal Pendant with changing colour tones that resemble the spectacular lights of the Aurora Borealis (AB).
💎A Pendant of your colour choice that will add sparkle to any outfit! Choose from: 💛Topaz 💜Amethyst 💙Aquamarine ❤️Red 🖤Black 💚Emerald 💖Pink



They are simply beautiful and give countless options for mixing and matching to create different looks for every occasion.💫

Best of all, right now you can save 27% on these special Mother's Day Gift Sets which normally retail for $109 AUD. Yours today for only $79 AUD (approx $53 USD), that’s a saving of $30 AUD. 😲

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your Mum, a motherly figure in your life or even yourself; these Mother’s Day Gift Sets are sure to deliver a smile. 💖 

You may even want to drop a subtle hint to your kids by forwarding them this email 😉 

⏰ These gorgeous sets are available for a limited time only so be quick and order now to receive them in time for Mother's Day. 

From everyone at Maria Nicola, we wish you a wonderful Mother's Day! 💖


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(Video Transcript)

Whether it's Red, Blue, Topaz, Amethyst, Pink, Emerald, or Black, you will love what we've created this year for a gorgeous Mother's Day Set. 

So what we've done is we've created a beautiful interchangeable set and here's what's in it.  You get a 50 centimeter single strand, so this is gorgeous. It can be worn beautifully on its own just like that. A nice, simple single strand with the magnet feature at the back or at the front for something very simple.

And then you've got the perfect AB Austrian Crystal to match. Now AB stands for Aurora Borealis because the colours just change so beautifully. And then you add it into the beautiful AB single strand pendant just like that.

Now the great thing is with the AB pendant, it's got two different sides which can be worn either way. So this is the forward side let's say, which is just beautiful, gives a lovely color, and the back has the AB effect foiled on the back so it is just divine.

Now these are the other colors that you get to choose from. We've got the Amethyst, the Topaz, Pink, Black, Aquamarine, the Emerald, and the Red. They interchange so beautifully, it's really easy.

So you go from the AB which is the perfect matching pendant to the strand, then you can choose the Aquamarine which can go with any clothing that has that kind of coloring in it. Or the Amethyst which also appears in this beautiful Purple Rain Kimono. The Pink which looks amazing with the Pink Kimono.

Perhaps you like neutrals, the beautiful Topaz looks amazing with our Animal Print Kimono, and so will the Black.

Just pick up on any color in your clothing and each pendant looks amazing with it. The gorgeous Red that brings out the red in your

clothing just beautifully, and last but not least, the beautiful Emerald which matches this Palm Leaf Kimono perfectly.

And we've decided to put them in our gorgeous gift pouches which are just so sweet they make the perfect gift whether it's to you or somebody else. 

So you must hurry colours are not guaranteed to last especially when this set should normally cost $109 AUD and it comes down to $79 AUD which is a great price for a 50 centimeter AB Strand Crystal Necklace. 

You can see the beautiful colours there. There's the AB pendant that can be worn both ways, either the front or the back, both sides are gorgeous. And one of the other colours that it comes in is at just $79 AUD. 

So hurry. We've made this offer come early so you get your little sparkle goodies in time for Mother's Day. 

So go to and get your sparkle necklace shopping started now.