Gorgeous Earrings & Elegant Silk Tops

March 24, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hello Ladies! 

I'm excited to introduce to you several gorgeous items that have just come in that will certainly level up your style.🤩

Meet our showstopper Baguette Style Crystal Earrings and our stunning Italian Silk tops💖

Our very popular Crystal Hoop with Baguettes Earrings are just so beautiful and lightweight, and come in a multitude of  colours which will add sparkle to your wardrobe and match well with the 10 Way Necklace!

Our elegant Italian Top/Dress with soft abstract floral print which ensure a soft and luxurious feel, can be worn with pants or leggings or as a little dress. They come in gorgeous colours and will surely elevate your look. 🤩 

And not to forget, you can still get our stunning Cocoon Kimonos before they sell out!


🤍Navy with Orange Ginko

🤍Blue Green Leaves 

🤍Autumn Leaves

🤍Leopard Print


Hurry and shop now before stocks run out.

Watch Maria demonstrate how to wear and style these stunning jewellery and fashion pieces!


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Silk - Dress/Long Top

Cocoon Kimono - Navy with Orange Ginko

Cocoon Kimono - Regular - Leopard Print

(Video Transcript)

Okay so we've had a completely different delivery this week, different to normal. A totally new piece of clothing. It's just beautiful, Italian silk again, yes we only deal with the finest, and some beautiful new earrings.

Look at these, these are a Baguette style crystal. Baguette is a rectangular crystal and it's a beautiful hoop look at that, they're all set onto a yellow gold backing, which really is just as a frame to hold the crystals in place, it's beautiful. 

It comes in a multitude of colors, some of which are the Clear which I was just showing you, which is what I'm wearing of course, they're going to go with everything. 

And as you know, please know in case you don't, I only deal with lightweight jewellery, so do not worry about these being heavy. They are just stunning. 

We've got the gorgeous Fuchsia which is amazing; a lovely Bronze effect for all the neutral girls out there really really lovely; and we've got Purple. We're working on keeping stock quantities up because uh these have turned out to be very very popular, so keep your eye out for them if you like that kind of thing.

Now this is a top slash dress, I'm wearing it with pants. You can choose to wear it with say knee-length leggings, or as a little dress by itself. The undergarment as you can see, which all the Italian products that we sell in the clothing department come with this attached, very stretchy under piece there. 

Now it goes from up here as you can see, so there's no risk of you accidentally showing something underneath, and there's no need to wear an undergarment because it comes already with it. 

Now it's just beautiful. Look at how it's just you know silk is just a beautiful fabric to where you feel very very feminine in this, and what this has got as you can see here, this is where it becomes sheer um, what it's got is a little bit of stitching at this point, and a little bit of stitching at this point. So all of this is open. 

Now this definitely fits up to an Australian size 20. I've seen it on it's amazing and just beautiful and elegant to wear. 

At the moment we've also got it in the turquoise and the sky blue, some other colors as well,  for low numbers though because it's sold really really easily.

And just to let you know in case you're wondering, we do have a few other kimonos still available in final numbers. They are the beautiful Navy background with the Orange leaves ginkgo leaf, they're gorgeous. This is the silk blend. There are a few numbers available in the shorter and the longer as well.

We've also got available in the shorter length the Blue and Teal leaves. This is a Chiffon with a black background. Look at that, just lovely. Beautiful, really really nice, this is all in the Cocoon style.

Okay, and once these sell, we can't get any more. We've also got I think one or two of the Grey in the shorter style. These are beautiful as well. If you want a more of a plain kind of color, if you need some, they're great to have if you enjoy wearing printed tops.

We've also got very small numbers of the Golden Ginko. This is stunning. Look at this they're the same as the other Ginko but different color combination. Really really beautiful.

And we've got still stock of the beautiful Chiffon in the longer and shorter in the Leopard print. Oh my goodness, just gorgeous.

So that's just what's come in, and what we just have some lower numbers of, still left on the website.