Styling for frequently asked colours💖

February 23, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



 I hope you're having an amazing day.💖

We have received requests for frequently asked colours of our 10 Way Necklaces to be seen together,😍 so we shall be showing you ways to style these alluring colours together:

❤Red and Raspberry 

🤍Labradorite and Platinum

Each one of these colours has its own distinct sparkle, and each one is just breathtaking.🤩 

They are perfectly complementary to one another, and elevate your style when matched together, so you can create fabulous looks that's uniquely your own!💖

Watch the video for styling ideas with these beautiful colours, and how to wear them together for that dazzling look.🤩


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10 Way Necklace - Raspberry Crystal

10 Way Necklace - Platinum Crystal with Silver Magnets

(Video Transcript)

So in the last few videos, we've been comparing colours that people frequently ask to see together. So in this video, I'm going to show you the Red and the Raspberry and then the Labradorite and the Platinum. Not as a comparison of colours, but more to see how beautiful they look together and they really do.

So let's start with the Red and the Raspberry. So the Red is a it's a beautiful deep Red, I've had a lot of compliments over our Red. Women that love red say, "oh good it's my kind of red," so that's a beautiful red. Not orangey at all, not orangey, I think it's blue based we get told. 

And then you've got the Raspberry which has got a lovely tint to it. It's got a lovely kind of um pearlized, ever so slight effect, really you can see it here in the connector. 

See how the Red is just reflecting Red, whereas the Raspberry is kind of reflecting like a like a pearlescent kind of effect. It's gorgeous and they go beautifully together, which is just such a surprise for me that they do. Just beautiful.

So like I've been showing you in the other vids, let me show you how they look on. So we've got the triple strand with the Red, and and the triple strand with the Raspberry. And of course, when you wear clothing that has these colours in it they look even better again, so have a look at that.

So I've got the Raspberry and the Red which is beautiful. And then I'm going to grab the Fuchsia Sunset in the Scarf which has the raspberries, the reds and some orange as well. And instantly, it just brings the whole thing together. Isn't that gorgeous? Just beautiful. 

So whether you chose to put like Orange Copper with this or why not let's just do it. Where are you. Here we go Orange Copper. Oh look, oh wow that's just something and of course you can stagger them to make more of a cascading kind of effect. Oh my goodness.

All right so there's that. Next I said I would show you the Platinum along with the Labradorite. To me it's like the Labradorite is a stone version of the Platinum. 

So the Platinum was our very first gosh I think it was one of our very very first crystals. It's so beautiful, it's so classic for a slightly transparent, more for a transparent crystal, it really gives a beautiful amount of sparkle. Only comes in silver magnets okay. 

Then you've got the Labradorite which is just.. So here they are side by side, quite opalescent the Opal. The Labradorite you can see how it's got beautiful depth to the stone and you can look at this, how amazing is that, it's just amazing.

So then, if you were to mix them together, there, just gorgeous. And then if you were to wear them together so what I was talking before about the staggering the layers. So let's put one on top, and then have a second layer underneath.

So say for example, these connectors one, will give you the exact length to layer it directly below a top triple strand.

So say for example if you've got um two connectors in the next triple strand, oopsie whoop there we go, two connectors then it would layer directly underneath again which is just divine.

So here they are together. The Platinum up on top, Labradorite underneath, and then you've got the on top of each other, the effect hang on. I'm just going to take this off. 

So obviously the Labradorite doesn't have sparkle it's a smooth stone. This is the we've chosen to do it in a smooth stone which is most of the effects of our stone, not faceted stone.

So there there it is with the Labradorite on top, with the Platinum underneath, the sparkles showing through beautifully. Then if you put the Platinum on top again allowing the Platinum to be more of the star of the show, see how there's just more sparkle there?

So there you go. I hope that's been helpful for you and I hope you've enjoyed these last few videos of comparing frequently asked colours.