Gorgeous Lariat Styling Ideas😍

March 06, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



I hope this email finds you well. 💖

We have a new creation in the 10 Way Necklace range and it's called Lariat styling.

We've received a lot of requests about how to create a Lariat and I wanted to take a moment to share gorgeous Lariat styling ideas with you.😍

You can create Lariat styles with your 10 Way Necklace and add chain extenders, pop in the glasses ring or the filigree spheres, match with the Link Necklace, and more!

It's all a matter of letting your creativity soar and try new ideas.  Of course, don't forget to have fun creating them. 🥰

I hope these inspire you and provide great ideas for creating lariat styles.🤩

Check out the video and watch Maria demonstrate various Lariat styling suggestions.


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Sparkle Ring Pendant

Lariat Ends - Spheres

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone! I hope you're well. We've had a new creation in the 10 Way Necklace range called the Lariat styling and we get a lot of requests as to how to create a Lariat. 

Now, what a Lariat is, it's a long necklace with no beginning, no end, and it hangs down the front, generally uneven in the center like that.

Now because our threaded jewelry is on nylon-coated wire, if you knot it will kink, so we haven't been able to have a knotted type of effective necklace until now.

So here is how to create one of the many ways to create a Lariat style.  So say for example you have your long-stranded necklace there, you can grab a chain extender, in this case, I'll grab the rose gold just so you can see it really easily. You can add two chain extenders. 

So we sell our Lariat ends in pairs okay, because you always need to, and um yeah that works out the best then you can grab a chain extender just like that, wrap it around twice to hold these parts together and that is actually a perfect Lariat.

Now since this as well we've created another way of making a Lariat style necklace. 

Now if you for example wrapped this around the neck, once left it off center like that, you could actually have the glasses ring just like that, popped it in there, and then thread this side through. 

Okay now again you can pop in your chain ends like that and then once again you have a short-style Lariat. 

So that's just the beginning, of course, it goes on and on with the 10 Way Necklace. 

If you feel that this is a bit heavy and it starts to get weighty in the front, again grab your chain extender get it to the length that you would like and like we did in the front, double wrap this chain extender at the back and it just tends to keep things exactly where you'd like them without pulling down tighter.

Now here is another way to create a Lariat so um okay let me just think about this for a minute. 

This is a brand new styling and it's pretty exciting actually so let's grab a Link Necklace. 

Okay this is Lariat styling with a bit of a twist, right?  So here is the Link Necklace, pop in your Sparkle Ring like that, okay?

Let it hang from the top like it's a pendant then thread through your long strand and once again you have a beautiful Lariat Style just watch the ends there, and this time I'm going to pop in the Filigree Spheres like that and create a lovely effect just like that.

So this is totally up to you, how you create different Lariat stylings. There's just a few ideas. It's a matter of trying and having some fun with your styling.