Meet the Charity Pearl Link Range

February 20, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Meet the stunning Charity Pearl Link Necklace and Bracelet! 😍 

They are made of freshwater pearls with a beautiful combination of cream pearl, charcoal pearl, and soft grey pearl.🤍

Transform your look with these gorgeous versatile necklaces and bracelets!

🤍Charity Pearl Longer Link Necklace

🤍Charity Pearl Link Necklace

🤍Charity Pearl Link Bracelet

🤍Charity Pearl Longer Link Bracelet

Mix and match, or link them together for longer length! Match with pendants or the 10 Way Necklace!  They add a touch of stylish sophistication to any outfit! 💖

This link was especially created by a customer in the Sparkle Sisterhood and 10% of proceeds will go to a charity of her choice.💕

Watch Maria's video for ways to style this beautiful range.

🛍Shop now before these limited edition pieces sell out! 


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Charity Pearl Longer Link Bracelet


Charity Pearl Shorter Link Necklace

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone, I hope you're well. This is the stunning limited edition Link Pearl range that we've just launched and they are just beautiful. They've got a mixture of Cream Pearl,  Grey Pearl which we may consider doing in the future, and our Charcoal Pearl. And they're just beautiful. Like usual, they come in the two lengths, in the rose, silver, and yellow gold and also bracelets in two lengths in the rose, silver, and yellow gold as well. 

Please know as usual if you have, let's have a little lookie, if you have a yellow gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or silver magnets, the pins in between the link will also be the same color to match your magnets. 

So you've got silver pins in between to match the silver, yellow gold in between to match the yellow gold, and rose gold in between to match the rose gold, and they're all just beautiful. And as far as the two lengths go, I'm wearing the longer length here in the yellow gold, and here is how the two compare if you wanted to see that by itself, and then that by itself. And that is on what you'd call an average neck. I pretty much have like an average kind of neck, and average wrist. 

The bracelets come in a 22, 21 centimeter length, which is a regular length. And then you've got the slightly longer which is 23 centimeters which we found uh fits a woman with a slightly larger wrist in general, which is great. 

Whoops, did you see that? See that tail wagging.  Come here, Rox, come. I've got "bring your dog to work" today, not that it's a usual thing. Come on, oh okay, but she was causing trouble at home and so I decided to bring her in for a few hours with me. 

So here's our little Roxy. She's a rescue dog and she has issues with some strangers. So she was barking too much at some people that were doing a bit of work from home, and everyone was out. So I thought bring her with me. So there we go, that was the tail wagging in the background. 

Now back to business. So we've got the little shape there, so we've got the regular length, longer length there. Now the beautiful thing about these, as you know all our pieces are very versatile. 

By the way, when you go to take a link necklace off any link necklace, because all the crystals, beads, pearls that we use are all 10 mm and our magnets are 10 mm, it's very hard to feel when you come across the magnet. Unlike a 10 Way Necklace where you know you're going along a formula and then you find the 10 mm magnet and it's obvious that it's the magnet. So I always recommend using a mirror to find your magnet. And then once you've found the magnet, slide. Okay that's the trick with all your magnets in the 10 Way Necklace range. Always slide and style just to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

So, you've got your, you've got short link there, that you can start to add different pieces in it like the rest of the 10 Way Necklace. I swear she's looking at me going, "who are you talking to?" 

So you can add pendants to the long and the regular. You can add a bracelet to it as well to create a longer look like that, with or without the pendant, which is just beautiful. And of course, if you wanted to add more, and of course these rules apply across all our pieces as well. 

You can always make a really long one if you grabbed a few, and even "neck mess it up" that's the technical term here at MN headquarters.  Neck mess it up, just put in whatever you like. Muck around with it, jumble it up, that's not much. I'm not very good at the neck mess. Mum is way better at the neck mess than this, than me. But you know adding once you've got it a little bit jumbled up. And in a pendant. 

This is our beautiful brand new Sparkle Ring pendant looking at the mirror again, and just let things fall where they fall. So that's our release for this week and I hope you like it