Create Your Own Jewellery & Give Back!

February 24, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


We've been doing a lot of fundraising this year and had a beautiful experience supporting the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter and the McGrath Foundation that works with women with breast cancer. ❤️

And now we want to invite YOU to help us continue this giving back initiative by becoming a real jewellery designer and raising funds for the charity of your choice! 

How are we doing this? 

Four times a year, we're going to invite you and the Sparkle Sisterhood to create your own bespoke link, and our wonderful community will vote for the ones they like the most.

We'll produce the winning designs in 2 sizes of bracelet and necklace links, plus matching earrings for everyone to purchase! How exciting is that? 🤩

The bespoke design will be of a limited edition available only for 5 days, and 10% of the sales will go to the charity of choice of its creator! 

Watch Maria talk more about the initiative, demonstrate the two designs created  by our Sparkle Sisters and share some ways to style them. 

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Limited Edition Bracelet Link
by Kez

Limited Edition Bracelet Link
by Mariana


(Video Transcript)

We are doing some fundraising this year. We are really excited to be able to give back, and it's just been a beautiful experience so far. We've already given this year to the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter, which is just amazing. They do so much, and I'm just so pleased to be part of supporting that foundation.

Now, we're about to donate to the McGrath Foundation, which looks into women's cancer, which is just, I mean, huge. It's just a wonderful thing to be a part of that organization as well. So, here's how we're doing it. About four times a year, we are going to invite you and the Sparkle Sisterhood to create your own links. So, we allow people to create their own bespoke links, and they get charged a bespoke fee of $20 more.

So as you know, our link necklaces are beautiful. They're made up of colors that either we have in the range or we have had in the range, and they've proven to be a very, very popular part of our collection, and they mix and match beautifully. They come in two different sizes for a necklace and also a bracelet and some earrings as well.

Now what we're going to do, we're going to allow people to nominate links that they've already had created or links that they've seen that they want of somebody else, so we can make them en masse for a limited time without getting charged a bespoke fee. Now, the only thing is that you do need to wait six weeks for them to arrive here and then we will ship them out to you, but you won't get charged the bespoke fee.

Now, 10% of all these sales, we'll only have them available for five days, will go to the charity of the person that created the designs choice. So, we've just had the first one. The first one we ended up with two. I can't say no, it's an issue I have. I know, I have no issues. Well, I have yes issues.

So, there were two. One was by Kez Robinson. She's someone in the Sparkle Sisterhood, lovely lady, and she's designed this beautiful one. Now this has the turquoise, the teal... Oops, hang on. The teal and the sapphire in its bracelet, which is just divine. Let me just show you a little bit of styling with this. So, I'm going to show you with the teal. And of course, it's going to look fantastic with any of these colors that appear in the link necklace.

So, this is just the bracelet version. We don't have a whole lot of spare pieces to create long ones, so I'm just showing you a little bit of styling from the bracelet. How cute is that? So lovely. So, you could just go on and on with it as you know. Look at that, as a necklace. There you go as a necklace.

It'll come in two different sizes in a necklace, two different sizes in a bracelet. And just for the limited editions, we are doing a pair of matching earrings, which will basically be... I think we're going turquoise, teal, and sapphire, just like that on a hook.

Secondly, the other one that was, Marianna Stern. Now, Marianna is renowned for loving her stones. She loves all natural stones. So, what she chose... and meanwhile, of the final five or six that we chose this in the Sisterhood, they voted for what they loved most, and these won. So, it's the labradorite, the blue apatite, and the amethyst which are all in the range.

Now because they're all semi-precious and precious stones, they are a little more expensive than the other length, but the reason is because they're all really, I mean, amethyst and labradorite, you know what kind of stones they are. So, that's just lovely. So, that's it there.

If I was to grab the amethyst and pop it in the same kind of way so you can see, it really is lovely. So, they are available now. You are more than welcome to purchase. Please know that once the few days are up, they'll be coming off the website and we will not be getting them again. It's a limited thing that we are doing. And it's not just to give the opportunity to save on fees on bespoke links, but it's another really great way that we can actually give back as well, and it's fun. I mean, everyone gets involved. Everyone has a vote, has a say, and it's really, really sweet.

Let me just get a little bit adventurous here. There you go. Blew apatite with it, and the amethyst, and there it is with its gorgeous matching link. So, these are available now. If you like them, or if you like to give it as a gift knowing 10% of all proceeds will go to A for Marianna's, it's a cancer foundation of her choice. And for Kez, it is Beyond Blue. Okay. For Kez, it's Beyond Blue. So, thank you so much for supporting supporting others, and looking fabulous while you do it.