Gorgeous Velvet Kimonos

January 15, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our Velvet Kimonos!  A unique collection of square kimonos that offer a blend of elegance and comfort, designed to add an exquisite touch to your wardrobe.💖

Explore our Velvet Kimono colours!  

💫 Deep Red 

💫 Chocolate

💫 Black 

💫 Silver

💫 Golden Brown 

What makes them special? Each kimono flaunts a dark sophisticated background, highlighting their sheer, delicate patterns. Plus, they flow like a dream! 🌟

Whether you're jazzing up your jeans or your little black dress, these kimonos are your new chic go-to for any occasion! 

And you can match these pieces with our versatile 10 Way Necklaces to complement your look!

But remember, these beautiful kimonos are in limited supply. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. So if they've caught your eye, act fast and add these unique pieces to your wardrobe!

Watch Maria's video and discover how to create fabulous styles with the Velvet Kimonos!



Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Square Kimono - Velvet - Black
Square Kimono - Velvet - Golden Brown


(Video Transcript)


Hi everyone, I'm so thrilled to finally be able to launch these gorgeous Velvet Kimonos!

We've got five different colours, the patterns are slightly different, all very very unique, and a little bit sheer too and that's why I've decided most of them are done a dark background colour. So I've decided to show you them on a black singlet so it just all kind of flows beautifully, and here they are.

So here is the beautiful Red Velvet. So it's just divine. It's like a raspberry, burgundy kind of red. Really really lovely. Exactly the same shape as our other Square Kimonos so really fantastic.

Certainly still soft enough to knot in the front, whatever you do with the other ones, you can do with these and they are just divine.

So here comes the next one, here is the gorgeous Chocolate one. Now the background on this, unlike the others is a chocolatey colour, still sheer as you can see, not as sheer as the others because the pattern itself is finer but oh my gosh still just as lovely, really beautiful. And look at that, very very elegant these are.

So whether you want to throw them over jeans or a little black dress, is completely up to you, but really really stunning.

I'll show you the next one now, this is the gorgeous All-Black one. Still sheer as you can see it. Just when I say sheer, it just gives a hint of what is underneath. See-through, the sheer part of the fabric, it's not obviously transparent, it's just a touch of sheerness which is beautiful. 

The Black pattern is a very very subtle one, very elegant of course. Can be worn with absolutely anything being all black, and is really quite beautiful.

Here is a lovely contrast. This is a beautiful Silvery Velvet happening on top, it's just gorgeous. Really really lovely. Again, sheer background which is beautiful, and wow! This is just like a wow factor, this one. And again just so beautiful.

Now this one is a beautiful, kind of a cross between Yellow Gold and Rose Gold and I'll prove it to you. Here is the Rose Gold with it because it's got this warm undertone on it, and then there's the Yellow Gold with it, which is just beautiful. Yeah just it's a very unusual kind of golden brown kind of colour, so this is beautiful. Really really lovely. Again background is sheer black and just gorgeous.

So if you like what you see, click the link below and go and see these beautiful new kimonos now in the square design. Please keep in mind these fabrics are unique, and once they sell out, we more than likely will not be getting them back again. So if you like them, you really should move quickly.