Lovely Pink Marble Scarves, Kimonos and Capes!

January 19, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


I just love pink! 💖 And we know our Sparkle Sisters would like to be elegant and stunning in Pink Marble!

Let me introduce to you our lovely Pink Marble Scarves, Kimonos and Capes which will make you look beautiful, feminine, and elegant!💕

💖Our Pink Marble Scarves in Silk, and Modal Silk can be beautifully worn as a wrap and will surely elevate your look!

💖Our Pink Marble Kimono in viscose fabric is just perfect to match with your outfits!

💖The beautiful Pink Marble Cape made of fine wool flows beautifully, you can drape it and wear in multiple ways! 

You will love the Pink Marble print's beautiful soft shade of pinks, medium pinks, raspberry and plummy purple that perfectly pair with any dressy or casual outfit. 💕

Watch Maria demonstrate Pink Marble styling ideas!


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Pink Marble

Pink Marble

Silk Scarf
Pink Marble

Modal Silk Scarf
Pink Marble

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're well. So we've had the beautiful Pink Marble scarf already in the beautiful silk finish which is just divine. And we've had it in the kimono. This is it in the viscose fabric. It's been so popular that we couldn't help ourselves and we just had to bring it in one more scarf and the beautiful cape. Um it's just so divine.

The capes are like a scarf for the body. They come about halfway down the back of your knee and just beautiful and really really lovely. They're fine wool and flow you can actually drape them wear them in so many different ways and you just feel like just feminine elegant especially the pink and the raspberry colours are truly amazing you can also bring it up like this and wear it as a thicker foam wool scarf more fabric and this'll keep you nice and warm really really lovely then we've also brought it in with the Modal silk so this is available now.

The Pink Marble scarf is just beautiful. You can actually see all the gorgeous colours there. It comes to a super soft shade of pink. Really really soft. And then it has a lovely soft pinks, medium pinks, raspberries, like a plummy purple. It's divine. It's nice and wide like the fine wool scarf. Can be worn as a wrap. Really pretty and also as of course a scarf which is just amazing. So now you have the Pink Marble print in all three fabrics. This cape and the kimono as well.