Meet the Elegant Malachite Oval Stone Pendant!

January 16, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


I hope you are having a fabulous week!🤩

Ready to stun everyone with glamorous green?

I am excited to present to you the elegant Malachite Oval Stone Pendant. 💚

It is a beautiful natural stone pendant with either gold, rose gold, or silver clasps. Both sides of each one are unique and there are different lovely ways of styling it!

💚Wear it with the 10 Way Necklace single strand, triple strand, or both, long or short,  centre or off-centre for that gorgeous look! 

💚For added style, complete the look with a double-wrap bracelet! 

💚It perfectly brings life to many of the 10 Way Necklace colours such as  Champagne, Emerald, Amazonite, Turquoise Crystal, and more, so pair it with whatever colour you like.😍

Complement this by wearing the Peacock Kimono in modal silk for that most elegant look!💙

The good news is, the elegant Malachite Oval Pendant is available NOW. 🤩

Shop before stocks sell out. 👉

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Oval Stone Pendant

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're all well. We received a new oval stone pendant which is just gorgeous. Look at the natural stone here. It comes in rose gold, yellow, gold and silver of course. And as you can see each one is quite different to the next one. It's just beautiful front and back, both different. Now here are some different ways to style an oval stone 10 Way Necklace just to get you started. I'm sure you'll come up with many different ways to style it yourself. So you can actually wear it nice and simple. Pop it in the middle just hanging off a single strand which is so sweet and then wear it long like this off centre which is just gorgeous like that. Of course you can mix it in with lots of different pieces. Slide it to the side and wear it like this to have a lovely off-centre look like that. And with the leftover little bits and pieces you can actually create a double wrap bracelet.

Now there are so many different colours that you can wear the malachite pendant with. I put it with the emerald because it was a little bit of an obvious choice to see green with green but let's try it with champagne. So here's an example of how it looks. I'm going to grab the rose gold. And look at the pop of colour here. It's pretty amazing. So it's almost like with this the champagne is so soft and subtle that it just it looks like it's floating. It's divine. And how about we just try one more colour just to actually let's go with a couple more colours. If I grab the Adventurine sorry not the Adventurine the Amazonite. Really really nice. It's got tones of like a mint and tan through it. Which is so lovely. By the way I'm wearing the Peacock Kimono in the ah modal fabric. Okay.

So then look at that. It just brings life to so many different colours. It's just beautiful. And then if you wanted to pop it in. Say for example with the turquoise crystals. For example something quite different. Wear it like that. Grab the one with rose gold. Just to make sure it matches beautifully. And look at that. Greens and blues. Just amazing. Have it on the single strand or and get the triple with the two connectors and it'll frame this look perfectly. So I hope you've enjoyed the styling video for the Malachite Oval Stone Pendant.