Meet Our Elegant Cocoon Kimonos!

December 27, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Happy Holidays, Ladies! 🎄🎉

We're having our last launch of the year! And we are proud to introduce two elegant Cocoon Kimonos to add classic style to your look!💖

These kimonos with beautiful patterns are so soft and comfortable, and are available in two lengths to match your wardrobe for the day.🤩

🤍Black & White Swirl Cocoon Kimono

🤎Chocolate Paisley Cocoon Kimono

They're so fashionable they'll surely elevate your wardrobe!😍

Pair them with the 10 Way Necklace for that classic sophisticated look. 💕

Watch Maria demonstrate styling for these cocoon kimonos.

Hurry and shop while stocks last. 🏃‍♀️

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Cocoon Kimono
Chocolate Paisley

Cocoon Kimono
Black & White Swirl

(Video Transcript)

Oh my goodness the last launch of the year. I cannot believe it. Can you believe that we are at this time of year already? It's just incredible. So what we're launching this time is two cocoon kimonos. Not one but two. Firstly we have the Black and White Swirl Pattern Kimono. It's beautiful. It comes in two lengths. This is the slightly shorter length. Just a little bit there. Just a little bit four centimetres shorter than the longer length. I'll show you that quickly. Um got the longer lengths right here. Just beautiful.

These cocoon kimonos are shorter than the normal ah kimono that we offer. It's got a lovely lot of fabric right through here. Gives you really good cover. And so as you can see that's just a little bit longer. About four five centimetres in it like that. This is the silk blend. The next kimono that we're offering for the last time of the year is the Chocolate Paisley. Just beautiful. This again is the longer and this is in a polyester. So it's more see through got a faint a see through sheer fabric to it in the black.

Then in the foreground you've got the beautiful chocolate coloured paisley which is so unusual for a paisley print. It's just lovely. So this is the longer of the two. Just beautiful really beautiful to wear over nice block colours in your singlet. And then we've got the shorter one. Now these only will be available while stocks last. Once we run out of this fabric we'll not be able to get them again in both the Black and White Swirl and the Chocolate Paisley. So if you like what you see head on over and have a look and see what's left right now.