Stunning Scarves, Kimono & Silk Top 💖

June 03, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

This week's launch is absolutely stunning, featuring our beautiful Lilac and Orange Scarves, a gorgeous Kimono, and a fabulous Silk Top that you'll love.

The Lilac and Orange Scarf is available in all three luxurious fabrics: Fine Wool, Modal Silk, and 100% Silk.

Let me take you through each one:

💫 Fine Wool: Soft and fantastic as a wrap or around the neck, this scarf boasts an abstract flowy pattern with purples, oranges, blacks, and whites.

💫 Modal Silk: With a lighter center and brighter ends, this scarf is incredibly soft and light, perfect for a generous wrap or a comfortable scarf.

💫 Silk: Narrower than the Fine Wool and Modal Silk, this scarf is wonderfully fine, allowing for cute knots and bows. It's perfect for wearing in your hair or as a stylish accessory.

In addition to the scarves, we're also introducing a stunning Blue Square Kimono, featuring a lovely deep teal colour with satin trims and a comfortable design. It can be knotted for a unique and versatile look.

Furthermore, our fabulous New Roma Silk Top in a beautiful Charcoal colour, offers glam, comfort and style, ensuring you look and feel your best from the inside out.

If any of these products catch your eye, simply click the link below to explore our full collection.

Hurry! Don't miss out on these gorgeous new additions!

Watch Maria's video for suggested styling.


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Square Kimono - Solid Colour - Blue
New Roma Silk Top - Charcoal


(Video Transcript)


Hi everyone, I hope you've all been well. So this week's launch is quite stunning.

We've got the beautiful Orange and Lilac Scarves in all three fabrics to start with.

Let me show you what they look like one by one.

Actually just a close-up side by side before I do that, is the Fine Wool first, the Modal Silk, and the 100% Silk.

So as you can see with each fabric, from Fine Wool, Modal Silk, to Silk, it gets brighter with each one, although this really still holds its own in the brightness department.

So let me show you one by one.

So here is the beautiful Lilac and Orange in the Fine Wool, really really lovely, and a nice abstract kind of flowy, beautiful fabric with purples and oranges, blacks and some whites as well. Really, really lovely.

Our Fine Wool is really soft, fantastic worn as a wrap and can easily be worn around the neck for a nice beautiful look. 

Here is the lovely Modal Silk in the Lilac and Orange. It's just beautiful. The ends, as you can see, get brighter as you go towards the end, and the center part is a bit lighter, just lovely.

The Modal Silk is very very soft, beautiful, light, a little bit lighter on one side than it is on the other.

So let me show you that as well. Wide enough to easily be worn as a generous wrap. There's the whole back of it there, and of course as a scarf, it's wonderful too and is really really comfortable. Very easy to wear. 

Here is the Silk Scarf in the Lilac and Orange, just beautiful. Really abstract pattern there. Nice and just free flowing, really lovely.

The Silk is narrower than the Fine Wool and the Modal Silk still makes a nice wrap but doesn't go all the way down the back, and as a scarf it's just amazing. 

The Silk is obviously finer so you can easily put this in little, little tiny knots, make a little bow, and do a few really cute things like that.

If you like to wear it in your hair, things like that, it's just really lovely.

In this week's launch we also have this stunning square kimono. This Blue Square Kimono is a lovely deep almost teal in colour, really really gorgeous.

It's just so comfortable to wear. Stunning satin trims which could come 3/4 of the way down, oh actually no, about halfway down the neckline in the front, and has a beautiful sleeve cover as well. So comfortable it can be knotted easily in the front for a bit of a different look, and is really quite lovely.

In this week's launch, we also have another Silk Top. This beautiful Charcoal colour in the New Roma style is just beautiful. Lovely, longish sleeves, plenty of room here, a round neck in the front and in the back, just lovely.

And of course, like all the silk clothing, it's got a very stretchy undergarment here which finishes here at the arm line, so you can easily cover yourself and not be too self-conscious about anything showing underneath. Really beautiful, very very soft, this hangs down at the sides which is super cute and looks amazing.

So should you like any of this week's launch products, click the link below and you will be taken to see all of them.