Captivating Chocolate Pearl💫

June 05, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Do you love chocolate? 🍫 Love pearls even more? 💖 Look stunning with the exquisite elegance of our new Chocolate Pearl 10 Way Necklace. 😍

It adds a fresh touch to the timeless allure of pearls while maintaining their worldly charm.💫

These captivating pearls are real freshwater pearls, easily identified by their individual and unique shapes.✨

They possess a beautiful lustre, and whether worn as a single strand, different lengths, or layered up, they effortlessly complement your entire wardrobe.😍

The pearl symbolizes faith, charity, and innocence, enhancing personal integrity. It embodies purity and is cherished as a "stone of sincerity."

Save 10% with the Bundle (includes the 10 Way Necklace, tassel, and pair of mini connectors), and create even more remarkable styles that will match any neckline and outfit for every occasion. 🤩💫

Shop to your heart's content! The Chocolate Pearl 10 Way Necklace and Bundle are available now.✨


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Mini Connectors - Chocolate Pearl
Connector - Chocolate Pearl

(Video Transcript)

Look at this gorgeous brand new Chocolate Pearl 10 Way Necklace range. With the 10-Way Necklace, you can create 10 different styles in one.

We have so many colors to choose from, so many styles to create, and the range just goes on and on.  

And now that the beautiful Chocolate Pearls are in,you've got something delicious to look at.

Perhaps you'd like a bit of a discount by purchasing the Chocolate Pearls in a Bundle which is the tassel, a pair of mini connectors, and a 10 Way Necklace. You will receive 10% off this entire set.

Now let's just get started. The 10 Way Necklace is four pieces - single strand, two connectors and a triple strand underneath. So you can go from long, to medium, to short, to multi-layered, and it just goes on and on. 

It can match your outfit and neckline perfectly regardless of where you're going or what you're doing.

Then we have the tassel. Whether you choose to wear it on its own because it comes on a strand, whether you add it to the single strand that's in the 10 Way Necklace that you receive because it's in the bundle, or whether you want to layer it up with the rest of the triple strand again in the 10 Way Necklace Bundle, it's totally up to you.

Now last but not least, there is the mini connectors pairs. Now these add a lot of value to your set.  We have many different pendants.  This is the Sparkle Sisterhood pendant, just divine! And when you wear it, you can wear it nice and short like that.

Now we have had customers say that they would like a little more room at the base of the neck when it comes to the pendants. This is where the mini connectors come in. And the reason why they are sold as a pair is so you can pop one in to each side of the pendant just like that, to create more room.

Whether it sits on your neckline beautifully, or whether it's just the way you feel comfortable. 

Then if you like, put the rest of the triple strand in. Wait, do you want to wear it on top of the pendant or add the connector into each side,  again part of the range, and wear it more of a layered look, just divine.

Perhaps you want to wear your connectors as a matching bracelet to this set, just beautiful. 

As you can see, the styles go on and on and you have no limit.

So go to and check out the brand new Chocolate Pearls now.