Fabulous Fundraiser Bundles 💖

July 04, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Discover the joy of making a difference while looking absolutely stunning! Join us in helping women get their Sparkle back.🌟

We are thrilled to introduce a special Fundraiser Bundle collection for a limited time in support of women who have found themselves homeless due to domestic violence. 

From now until July 12th, you can enjoy 10% off these stunning Fundraiser Sets. And the best part? 10% of your purchase will go toward the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter that offers a safe haven for homeless women in Sydney's Northern Beaches. 💫


Let's come together and make a lasting impact on the lives of deserving women. Shop now. 💖   

Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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FUNDRAISER - Long Strand Necklace Rose Quartz Stone & Peacock Pendant

FUNDRAISER - Long Strand Necklace Lilac Crystal & Amethyst Pendant

(Video Transcript)

Here at Maria Nicola, we love giving back. I received an email the other day from the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter here in Sydney, Australia and they do amazing work. 

I've done fundraisers and events with them before and it's just been, they're such beautiful women. All the staff, the main organiser, they are just so selfless and wonderful and truly amazing. So when they wrote to me and said "we are creating a second shelter," because they turn away 185 women a year, every year and they don't want to do that anymore because they just haven't got room in the first shelter.

So they said they want to you know, they need some money to fix up a kitchen, living room, make it feel cosy and homely and safe, and I thought I really, really want to get on board and get involved with this.

So what we thought we'd do is create a discounted bundle for you and with five different colours and then we will give, so give you a 10% off the bundle and then we will give them 10% of that total as well, so um so it's a 10% for you and 10 % for them.

So we're going to run this for a week starting July the 5th, and what we've done is we've created five sets. 

Beautiful, the Rose Quartz which is what I've got on, with the stunning some of these Austrian crystals that we've put with them are never seen before so this is the Peacock, can you believe the colours in this? Just beautiful. Now we've paired this with the Rose Quartz that I'm wearing. Lovely.

Then we've got the Imperial Jasper with look at this, a stunning Sapphire Turquoise kind of Austrian crystal. Again we've never shown this before, we've saved it for something special and I think this is really warranted. 

The gorgeous Desert Jasper natural stone so these are the three natural stones and we've paired this with the beautiful Shimmer. It's got like neutrals, blues, it's just amazing in this what this looks like on.

And then we've put in here two crystals, one Lilac Crystal we've paired this with the Amethyst, very very pretty, very pretty, and the Raspberry which we've also put with like a Ruby kind of colour Austrian Crystal there.

So let me just show you what kind of styling ideas you can create with this set. So as you can see, pendant here and long strand doubled up, then you can wear it long with the pendant at the bottom, then you can remove the pendant, have it plain, you can double it up without the pendant, magnet at the front, hang on one second, magnet at the front, magnet at the back, doubled up on top of each other, or long and short, whatever you like.

And last but certainly not least, you can create a multi-wrap bracelet. These look fantastic on  their own or with your other jewellery as well.

So then we've got the beautiful Desert Jasper. Look at all the colours in that natural stone, it's so pretty, really really nice. And there's the Shimmer Austrian Crystal there, so like we were saying as a multi-wrap bracelet, as a long necklace, as a one second, I'm just trying to get some focus here, as a double wrap bracelet, a necklace, and;beautiful with and without the pendant is divine. 

I always forget to mention which kimonos I was wearing. So first with the Lilac, I was wearing Purple Rain, then second with the Desert Jasper I was wearing Tree of Life.

This one is the Ocean Swirl Square kimono, shorter than the other two. So here is the beautiful Imperial Jasper with the Sapphire Crystal, really really lovely. 

So once again, just wanted to show you with some colour, so there's that long, super cute.

As long as stocks last, it'll be available in all three magnet colours and there's slight price differences so just have a little look because the crystal is going to be one price and the stone is going to be another.

Last, the Raspberry Crystal. So I've teamed this up with the Wine Zebra kimono. Now here it is again, there's the Raspberry there, just beautiful with that Ruby kind of Ruby red Austrian Crystal, just beautiful with and without the pendant, works absolutely.

So nice just to pop on something really nice and simple when you're not quite sure what to wear. And last but not least, the multi-wrap bracelet. 

So I hope you can get on board and together, we can actually make a difference and help these women that find themselves in just a shocking, shocking situation and I just can't imagine what it must be like. 

So that's our offer for this week and I hope you like it.