Elegant Capes and Pendant🌟

May 27, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

We're excited to unveil our latest capes and a beautiful pendant for your stunning new look. Discover elegance and vibrant style with our new pieces.

Our gorgeous capes with fabulous designs are lovely, soft, and cozy for any outfit. They are versatile and can be worn over a singlet, jumper, or jacket. Whether draped or styled as a scarf, they are perfect for creating beautiful looks.

💫Purple on Midnight Capes:

 Features purple irises on a charcoal background with raspberry tones.

💫Stone Emerald Capes:

Designed like a wedge cut into a piece of stone with intricate crystal patterns

💫 Lilac and Orange Capes:

A beautiful abstract design with lilac, purple, orange, black, and white tones.

Plus! Complement your look with this beautiful pendant!

💫Orange Baby Cushion Pendant:

A charming and vibrant pendant, smaller than our regular cushions, that gives an element of pop to your look.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own these beautiful pieces. 🌟

Watch the video for Maria's styling suggestions.



Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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CAPE - Stone Emerald/Orange
Pendant - Austrian Crystal - BABY Cushion - ORANGE


(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone, I hope you're well, and for this week's launch, we've got three capes and a beautiful baby cushion.

So let's start with the first cape. This gorgeous cape is called Purple on Midnight. 

It's got these beautiful purple irises all the way through. It isn't that lovely with little warmer tones of raspberry down there on a lovely kind of charcoal background, really really beautiful.

Of course you can layer this up over the shoulder, let the back dry or wear it as a scarf which is just so beautiful and so easy to do.

Pop one strand over and let both hang at the front or do many other things.

The next cape I've got is the beautiful Stone Emerald. Look at this, it's like a wedge cut into a piece of stone which is just stunning. Absolutely beautiful.

The closeup here of all the little crystals is incredible and the colours and the shapes are just beautiful. Gorgeous 100% fine wool, really really soft and comfortable very cozy whether you want to wear it on a singlet or a jumper or with a jacket.

It's easily worn as a piece of clothing, long, or as a scarf as well.

And this cape is the beautiful Lilac and Orange. It's like a beautiful abstract painting so lovely. Beautiful tones on of lilac, purples, oranges some black, and some whites through there as well, creating a really beautiful look.

Yes you can wear it draped, you can wear it as a scarf, and so many more pieces. People  knot them at the back, tie them at the front, wherever you like, and it's just so lovely to wear.

And last but not least, we've got the beautiful Baby Cushion in the Orange, it's so lovely.

Here it is here, it's just there, it's got a beautiful AB. See that pinky color that like an AB, an AB, a wash on the back, and I just wanted you to compare the size here. This is a regular size cushion and there's the baby cushions.

So while the regular sized cushions make a real impact, they're really stunning. You might want to go for something just a bit more casual, a bit more understated.

We're still having that element of pop, and that's where the baby cushion comes in. Absolutely beautiful. And the Orange is divine, too. 

So if you like what you see in this week's launch, click the link below and you will be taken to all the new products.