Dazzle with Style with Harlequin Crystal!

January 26, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


Get ready to sparkle with Harlequin Crystal - a stunning and unique limited edition crystal with beautiful deep and sparkly metallic blue, green, purple, and mustard tones.

Be luxurious and sparkly with our Harlequin Crystal 10 Way Necklace which is perfect for any outfit, adding a WOW factor that's sure to turn heads.

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Accessorise with pendants or pair with other colours of the 10 Way Necklace such as Lilac, Deep Purple, Sea Green, Sapphire, and neutrals like Champagne, Golden, Platinum, and with White Jade and  Amethyst stone. It makes every look amazing!🤩

With endless design possibilities, it's the perfect gift for yourself or someone special!💖

Watch Maria demonstrate the ways to wear and style with Harlequin Crystal.


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10 Way Bundle
Harlequin Crystal

Medium / Long Strand
Harlequin Crystal

Short / Long Earrings
Harlequin Crystal

Harlequin Crystal

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're all well. So, our first launch of the year. Wowee. Let's get into it, shall we? This one, we're going off with a bang. We have a beautiful crystal, first of its kind. It's just divine. We are calling this the Harlequin Crystal. Look at the color in that. It's just beautiful. It's got purples, sapphires, like a golden and green colors in it. Look at this. So, as you rotate these colors around, it's much easier to see on the larger crystals in the connector. Just how divine they are. They go with so many other colours. Ah just to start off with all the purples. All the greens and the sapphires obviously and the goldens as well. Just beautiful. And of course with the neutrals just to create some contrast. It's amazing. So here it is in the yellow magnet. Yellow gold magnet. The silver magnet. And I'm wearing the rose gold. So of course you can create lots of different styles as you know.

Um as a bracelet. Look at that. Just amazing. There's earrings available too and short and long which are beautiful. Here they are here. So I've got a couple of the long ones. And now as you can see there as the crystal turns it creates a different colour. So as they hang sometimes they'll match and sometimes they'll be different. But that's the beauty of the Harlequin Crystal it's just divine. Now we've also got of course tassels. Look at this. Just beautiful. This is the you've got the 2.5 mm in the tassel. This is the 4 mm here. So here's the 2.5 mm. Look at that. So elegant. Just beautiful.

And of course with the tassel you can choose to wear this. Uh on its strand which is how it comes. Nice and short and simple or pop it on with more pieces of the 10 Way Necklace to add more length and a layering look as well. Now we've also got but also we've got the long strands available in it. These are gorgeous and look wonderful worn as a multi wrap as well as a necklace as well. Multi-wrap bracelet. Look at that. Amazing. Beautiful. Multi wrap bracelet and a long strand necklace as well. And we also did design the mini. The mini connectors have been great. And don't forget we offer the bundle.

Our bundle is a 10 Way Necklace, a tassel and a pair of mini connectors in every colour across the board ah as long as stocks last ah and this is no different so this is going to be a limited edition crystal this ah Harlequin Crystal ah once we're sold out we're not going to get them again just beautiful and the minis allow you to add more length ah where you might need it so say for example you were to pop in a pendant here is the amethyst pendant and you just want more length at the base of the neck you can pop that in there and so I'm wearing the triple strand necklace and if you wanted to give that a little more length you can do the same with that. Just pop in one of the one of the minis or both of the minis in the back to add a little more length if you still wanted to use your connectors as a bracelet. So that is just beautiful there.

These are available now and just to give you an idea on how these look with other pieces. Let's have a little look. So we've got the Harlequin. I might take my bracelet off so it doesn't show you off. The Harlequin with the Lilac. Really gorgeous. The Harlequin with the Deep Purple. Wow. Just beautiful. Then we've got the Sea Green. So I'm just starting with the most obvious colours that it will go with. Look at that. Oh my goodness gracious. And then we've got the Sapphire. Now meanwhile that's the obvious ones that already exist in it. Then if you were to go in a more more calmer more subdued way. Look at the Golden with it. It's just amazing if you wanted to mix a more neutral kind of colour.

I think the champagne would also look absolutely oh look at that. Stunning. Stunning. And just out of curiosity. I want to see how the platinum goes with it too. Oh goody. I'm so glad it looks as good as it does. It's just amazing. Oh wow. Okay. And then if you wanted to do something really really beautiful and soft like White Agate. Oh sorry White Jade. I do keep calling it White Agate. Or something ah soft like the Amethyst ah stone. That's definitely going to work too. Oh. That looks like an opal. Wow wee. Okay. So there you go. That's the Harlequin Crystal. Just amazing. Very unique and limited. But if you like what you see head on over to the website and take a little look now.