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January 23, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


I hope you are well!

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Watch Maria demonstrate styling ideas for these fabulous kimonos and jewellery items. 

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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White Howlite

Peacock Feather

(Video Transcript)

Everyone. I hope you're all well. I thought I should let you know that we've just added some last chance items to the 40% section of discount. Oh my goodness. So we've upgraded the entire Howlite range. Whatever is left to 40%, but I'll get to that in a minute. And we've also for the first time had the Peacock Kimono. I think it's time to let it have a little bit of a rest in all three fabric colours. 40% off. That means it comes down from $139 to just under $84. It's a huge huge savings.

So first let me show you the teal. We only have the viscose left which is what I'm wearing now. The viscose is absolutely beautiful. Both of these fabrics. Our Modal and our Viscose. Um I'll show you the Modal in the black in a moment. Fit up to an Australian size women's twenty-two. Loads of room. Plenty to play with and look at this is so cute. I'll wear this now in my summer frocks now that we've had a beautiful summer in Sydney. Um you just cinch it up bring it up around the waist and do a little knot at the front and it looks fantastic over a flowy skirt pants. So cute and it instantly gives you a completely different look to the regular long look that the ah kimono gives you. So this is the teal in the viscose.

Absolutely lovely. Ever so slightly sheer. And the detail in the peacock feather is really really beautiful. Then we have the black. The black is only now available in the modal. As you can see the modal is a more solid fabric equally as soft and beautiful and lovely. A little more roomy. A little bit longer about by about seven centimetres and a little longer and more fabric through here allowing for even more size fitting. So that's in the black much more subtle. Because there is less contrast there in the print but just as beautiful and gorgeous and last but not least we have the beautiful off white peacock kimono there's mainly viscose left viscose fabric left just beautiful look at this so soft and sheer and lovely and really really beautiful and fresh so nice here's the back of it there and really really lovely. This was a labour of love this getting the print just right. The pattern nice and balanced. It was just beautiful. Now so yes they're all of those that I just showed you. 40% off at while stocks last that we're not getting anymore. Next the White Howlite range.

Again I think this might have been one of the very very first stones that we ever did. So wow. Well it's been in the range for a little while now. And I'll tell you what we have left and what you can make use of in a fantastic 40% discount. So we've got the 10 Way Necklace only available in yellow gold. Now what's lovely about white and yellow gold it's beautiful and fresh. So that is just beautiful. Looks fantastic with the White Howlite and is really really gorgeous. So normally the our agate most of our agate 10 wear necklaces are $139. At 40% off it comes down to $84 again. So they're beautiful. So again while stocks last we have the yellow gold right there. Then we've got some tassels Now we've got tassels left in the silver and the yellow gold magnet. So here we are. There it is there. It's just beautiful. And in case you don't know. Here is how you can wear your tassel in just a few of the many many ways. Each tassel comes on a single strand so you can wear it short and simple or layer it up with different pieces of the 10 Way Necklace to create different lengths. You can wear it nice and simple or then get the 10 Way necklace and add it as well.

Now the great thing about the White Howlite is that it's also going to go with so many other 10 Way Necklaces because white is so simple to accessorise. So for example if you wanted to mix it with turquoise it's just beautiful or perhaps something that would go beautifully with this kimono like the sea green you can mix this in to create a lovely multicoloured look. So yes it's like painting by numbers but jewellery by numbers if you like. Then we have long strands. Long strands we have left in the rose gold. Oh I'm wearing one. And the yellow gold. So here it is here. The long strand can be worn as a multi wrap bracelet which is how I'm wearing that now. Then you can wear it nice and simple and long as a long necklace obviously. Multi wrap it around the base of the neck whether you want to layer it up with the 10 Way necklace or have it on its own. And then you can always have it as the same length as well. So the long strand's normally $55.

Now it's down to $33. Rose and yellow gold is all that's left in that. We've got some medium strands as well if you know we've got medium strands. Now what they are they're a 50 centimetre long necklace. They're longer than the what comes in the single strand. We had lots of women asking for a longer single strand. Well we just couldn't have the 10 Way Necklace come in two different sizes we thought we'd offer a medium strand and nothing goes to waste because you can then use the single strand as a bracelet or different ah design pieces you then have this to wear with your pendants and things like that or just as a nice simple strand by itself. So normally our medium strands are $50 comes down to twenty-four dollars which is just amazing. And there's the medium strand there. Really really handy when it comes to popping in a pendant where you want to have it hanging further down the base of the neck just like that.

Now we also we only have a few mini connectors left. So if you wanted to pop in and grab a bundle or some mini connectors they they only come in yellow gold. So that would be a very very quick very quick like if you got if you quick to jump on it you might get lucky and grab yourself some mini connectors but yeah and of course a huge discount there and the earrings the earrings we've got short a few a few long but mainly short left and again they're also 40% off as well so that's a lot to absorb take a look at the 10 Way Necklace range in the White Howlite as I said all 40% off while stocks last we are going to give this this little rest it's worked really really hard over the last few years and just to show you up close as well the white highlight stone is just beautiful. It's a beautiful white natural stone. That has gorgeous grey veins running through it.

How lovely is that? Just so nice and fresh. Whether you want to team it up with some charcoal grey to give it more of a wintery look or wear it on its own or with light colours to give it a beautiful summery look. And of course don't forget our gorgeous Peacock Kimonos in all three colours. So hope I'm giving you something to think about and enjoy shopping at 40% off.