New Twinkle Links with Free Pendant!

October 31, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola



'Tis the season for twinkles and sparkles.🤩🌟💫

It's the most wonderful time of the year and it's great to celebrate🎄🎅 with our New Twinkle Link Necklaces that include a FREE  Pendant! 💎😍

Make your Christmas holidays🎄❄ merry and bright with the 🌟 sparkly colours of the Twinkle Link Collection! Available in: 💗Pink, 💚Emerald, 💜Purple, 🤎Golden Brown and 💙Sapphire.

The beautiful Twinkle Link Necklace 💖 available in the Shorter Link (45 cm), ✨ and The Longer Link (52 cm), ✨ can be worn on its own or paired with the gorgeous matching rectangular Austrian Crystal Pendant which comes Free with the necklace! 💎

They're beautifully boxed 🎁 for gifts for yourself and your loved ones! 

So capture the brightest colours of the Christmas season.🎄❄💝 

Twinkle and shine in your holiday celebrations or any occasion with our Twinkle Link Collection! 💝

Shop the Twinkle Link Set today.💝 

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Twinkle Link Necklace

Twinkle Link Necklace

Twinkle Link Necklace

Twinkle Link Necklace
Golden Brown

Twinkle Link Necklace

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're all well. This year for Christmas we have come up with a beautiful gift set. It's called the Twinkle Links Necklace. So what we've got is five different colours. I've got the beautiful pink link here. Then we've got the golden brown one there with the golden crystal and different brown stones. The purple and the emerald and the sapphire. Now what these all have in common is they come in with a free pendant. The beautiful Austrian crystal. This is the rose one in the pink just divine. Each one comes with a perfectly matching pendant to go with the link necklace colour. So the brown link with the golden crystal, brown agate, gold stone and tiger eye. Come with the beautiful Colorado topaz colour. Just divine.

Then you've got the emerald which has the aventurine colour, malachite and the emerald green crystal. It also comes with a beautiful emerald crystal in the Austrian crystal in the rectangular pendant. The purple which has beautiful real amethyst stone and purple crystal there. There is its gorgeous matching amethyst crystal there. And last but certainly not least we've got the beautiful sapphire. This is divine. It's got the lapis lazuli sapphire faceted crystal and blue gold stone which is just beautiful and we've popped this with the denim ah rectangular Austrian crystal. Now what we're also doing it is is doing here is offering it in two lengths because we realise everyone's different so it's a couple of things. We're offering it in three different magnet colours. If you're accustomed with our range we always do that with everything because we appreciate that everyone's got different tasting jewellery of what they like to wear.

Now we're offering all of these colours these five different colours in a yellow gold option a silver option as well as a rose gold option and we're also offering it in two different lengths. So you will see when you go to the section ah the Twinkle Link Necklace section you'll see the necklace either have 52 centimetres in the title which is this or 45 centimetres in the title and there is a price difference as well. The 52 centimetre will come in at eighty-five dollars with the free pendant which is valued at thirty-five dollars. There you go there. Or the shorter length necklace. So let me show you these together. This is the difference in length so it sits just below the base of the neck. I'm a size Australian ten to 12 so that's how it fits on me. The longer one sits further down.

So we thought we'd give you the option in length ah with all the colours just in case you like to have things sit lower so you have the option there. There's the 45 centimetre. This one comes in at $69 Australian and the again the pendant is free. The difference in USD if you wanted to compare the the longer. Got little jingle dangles everywhere here. The longer is $55 ah dollars US. The shorter is $45 US so that's really easy to remember. So ah not only have we made this beautiful gift either for yourself or someone special in your life. But we've also packaged it beautifully. We're going to put this in our signature box. Wrap it a couple of times and pop it in like that. So the person receiving it will receive it just like that it's so lovely. We will be popping a little note inside describing what the Twinkle Link Necklace is all about. So you can send it directly to that special person in your life. So click the link below and check out what our Twinkle Link colours are now.