The Sparkling Crystal Range💎

August 14, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Ready for a closer look at our dazzling Crystal range?🌟 

Many of our valued customers have shared their love for experiencing our pieces in detail, so today, we're thrilled to continue and get up close and personal with the lighter colours of our Crystal range.💖

Perfection in Platinum Crystal

Its magnificent subtle grey undertones pop on any colour.

Radiate with AB Crystal

Named after the mesmerising Northern Lights, the AB Crystal is a spectacle of colours - golden, yellow, lilac, green, and blue. 

Be Stunning in soft Pink Crystal

Delicate elegance for a touch of sparkle.

Captivate with Champagne Crystal

It's perfect for a subtle, yet enthralling touch and complements a variety of skin tones.

Glisten in Golden Crystal

Its luxurious golden hue adds a touch of opulence to any outfit.

Discover these beautiful lighter Crystal colours on me and in the box. Check them out and start your very own crystal shopping adventure!💎

Watch Maria's video for fabulous styling options and stay tuned for the upcoming videos on the medium and darker shades in the Crystal range!


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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10 Way Necklace - AB Crystal
10 Way Necklace - Champagne Crystal with Rose Gold Magnets

(Video Transcript)

 So this is a continuation of our looking at our pieces up close because so many customers say "Oh my gosh, I love it, looks better in real life," so I thought I'd see how up get up getting up close and personal we can be via video.

So this is the Crystal range that I'm going to show you up close, on me, in the box, just so you can compare.

Let's start with the light colours. The crystal range is quite large and we've got to start somewhere.

So here is the lighter range of the Crystal range. Let's even put golden in there as well shall we?

So you've got the Platinum which we're out of stock at the moment, we'll be back soon. Don't worry we will not be finishing with the Platinum. 

The AB which is just divine, it just goes with everything it's got gold golden in it, cool uh pink you can see the color there, it's just changing. 

Then you've got the very very soft Pink. It's almost like a nude pink, again that would go with absolutely everything.

The gorgeous Champagne which is very much a skin colour, okay really lovely.

Let's put the golden in front because it just seems to work well like that. The Golden which is only in yellow gold magnets, only in

rose gold magnets, only in silver magnets, and it's brighter yellow where the Champagne is more of a rose colour in it.

Then you've got the beautiful Lilac, this is limited edition and it will run out when it's gone it's gone, and it's got a lovely wash in it as well. 

So one thing at a time. Let's start with the Platinum. The Platinum was actually our very very  first Crystal that we brought into the range. It's got a beautiful undertone of grey which is divine. And what's lovely about the Platinum, although yes it is definitely a soft Crystal colour, it looks great on white and it pops more than what you would think.

It actually has, there's no foil on it, there's no wash on it, it's just the colour of the Crystal and it really really looks fantastic on many different things. And here is how it looks in the box. Just beautiful. As you can see, it really pops. It's lovely. Go with everything, bit of a chameleon, the Platinum.

Then we've got the AB. This is wonderful, look at this up close, look at that. You can see the golden yellow lilac, green, blue, it's

just incredible in there. And again whether it's on the skin, pops on the skin, blends into white a bit more,  and whether you want to show it on a dark colour, it's going to pop on any dark colours, so that's beautiful.

And here it is in the box, it's really going to pop in the box so look at that. Really quite magical, the AB. Named after Aurora Borealis, the night, the light skies, the lights in the skies.

Then you've got the beautiful soft Pink, this is just a straight, again a straight colour Crystal. When I say just, I just like you get, that you still get beautiful effect, beautiful sparkle, lovely quality in this Crystal and it's just soft.

It's really really nice whether you want something not too in your face, something a bit more subtle but you're still in a little bit of sparkle, the pink will definitely do that for you.

The Champagne same along the lines as the Pink. As you can see for me, it's virtually my skin colour. I've got Champagne skin colour darling. And it's beautiful. Looks fantastic on white, on skin, blends in and then in the dark, I can show you how it looks in the dark, in the box which is really, really pretty. Really pretty.

Then we've got the Golden. This is really lovely, adds a beautiful pop. Really golden, kind of leaning towards Egyptian kind of look

there. Here you go, up against uh skin there, really lovely. And in the box, here you go.

So I didn't realize this was going to take so long, the Crystal range.

So I might make a separate video for the medium-ish medium to dark colours in the Crystal range so I hope that helped. Comparing all the different beautiful Crystals that we have in the light colours.