Charming Cherry Blossom on Grey🌸

May 21, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Get ready to be awed—our Cherry Blossom on Grey Capes and Kimonos have arrived, and they're pure elegance! 💖



This versatile piece is designed with cherry blossoms delicately adorning a grey background.  It's like wearing a scarf for the body. Perfect over a singlet or a jumper, or even as a scarf, it offers a cozy layer of warmth without the bulk. Ideal for travel and everyday sophistication!


🌸 Cherry Blossom on Grey Double Viscose Kimono

Light, flowy, and oh-so-comfortable, it strikes the perfect balance between the softness of viscose and the smoothness of modal silk. It’s just the right thickness—not too sheer, not too solid.


🌸And that's not all. We're thrilled to launch our sparkly Pink Small Heart Pendant. 

This dazzling accessory adds a stunning touch to our 10-Way Necklace and beautifully complements the Cherry Blossom on Grey Cape and Kimono.


These pieces are sure to become favourites. Shop now and add these lovely additions to your collection before they're gone.

Watch the video for Maria's styling suggestions.



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Kimono - Double Viscose - Cherry Blossom on Grey
Kimono - Cherry Blossom On Grey


(Video Transcript)


Hi everyone, I hope you've all been well. So you might recognize this pattern it's just beautiful. It's the Cherry Blossom that we have had in the Kimono, in the Viscose and Modal and with the grey background. 

It's come through sometimes with a darker background, with a different colored background, but this has been the original, and we thought we'd get it in the cape as it's just so pretty and really lovely, and very very popular.

So look at this. This is how the back of the cape looks– it's gorgeous. For those of you that don't know, the Cape is like a scarf for the body. You could just throw it over everything. 

There's no arm holes. So whether you want to put it over a singlet, over a jumper or even wear it as a scarf, just get the two ends together, let the one side hang down, throw the other side, I'll leave it like this, or then throw this over one shoulder which is beautiful, leaving still the both sides down. You can throw both sides over, it gives a great layer of warmth without being like really thick and bulky, it's just beautiful.

Of course you can, you know, tie part of it up, tie both of it up, it doesn't really matter, it will do everything that you want it to do. 

Roll it up, use it as a little cushion when you're sleeping, for travel, it's very very handy.

Now what we also have launched this week is the beautiful little Heart in the gorgeous Pink. We just thought it was so sweet to launch it with the Pink Cherry Blossom, there you go. Just lovely there.  

We used to have a lot of small hearts in our range, and we thought it was time to get a few back in. So we've got the beautiful Pink Heart there.

The other piece and final piece that we're launching this week is the Cherry Blossoms again, but this time in a Double Viscose Kimono. 

This is basically, it's exactly a cross, in between if you went from a Viscose Kimono to a Modal Silk. It's still beautiful, soft, and smooth. The size of it is halfway through…whoops almost knocked the bookshelves out …and it's just a little bit …the length is in-between, the fabric thickness is in-between, still just as soft and as beautiful and comfortable as both of them are. 

It’s not as see-through as the Viscose but not as solid as the Modal Silk. So you can still see through but not as much as the Viscose.

So that's how the lovely Double Viscose Kimono looks there again in the Cherry Blossom.

So if you like what you see, click the link below and you will be taken to the page with this week's launch pieces on it.