Exquisite Pearl Necklaces Up Close🤍

August 02, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

"Oh my gosh, it looks so amazing in real life! Even better in real life!" this is what many of our customers tell us when they receive our 10 Way Necklace and accessories. 🥰

So today, we are thrilled to start a series of videos to provide you a more immersive experience and let you see our product ranges up close.💎

This is to help you explore, compare, and help you find the perfect one that matches your style and preference.💖

Here is a close-up look at our breathtaking real freshwater Pearl range of our 10 Way Necklace so you can see each one in its most beautiful element, as close to real life as possible.

🟤The Chocolate Pearl radiates beautifully with hints of burgundy and chocolate shades. A divine addition to any outfit! 

⚪The classic Cream Pearl, where it all began, has its natural charm and each pearl shape is uniquely stunning.

⚫The Charcoal Pearl is deep and enchanting, with hints of purple, pink, and blues.

Wearing all three is perfect for creating stunning colour combinations and unique styles.

Watch Maria's video to compare and choose your beautiful pearl pieces today and prepare to be amazed. Each one has a gorgeous lustre and complements any outfit. Truly exceptional! 🤍


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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10 Way Necklace -CHOCOLATE Pearl

10 Way Necklace - Cream Pearl

10 Way Necklace - Charcoal Pearl

Square Kimono - Zebra - taupe

(Video Transcript)


Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. Now many times when a customer receives a product from us they often say "Oh my gosh, it looks so amazing in real life, even better in real life," and it just occurred to me that perhaps we should do some more close-up videos for you to really see each range in its beautiful element as close to real life as possible.

So let's start with our real freshwater pearls, Pearl range. 

So I'm wearing the Chocolate, our most recent addition to the range, just beautiful as you can see, and by the way I'm wearing it with the top in the Taupe Zebra Square Kimono. 

So let's have a look at it close up now. This has got a beautiful lustre in it, it's just amazing. Here are the 10 mm pearls there and look at the… look at that instantly like every other pearl has like a slightly different colour effect, there's burgundy running through there, chocolates, some deeper than the other, really divine. And the 4 mm are just as beautiful. Every single shape is completely different and it's just amazing the effect of them. So look at that, really really lovely. 

So I've shown you it on, I've shown you it close up, and here is how it arrives packaged in its little box, so just beautiful.

Now next, let's go with our Cream Pearl. This is where it all started. The beautiful Cream Pearls right there. So this is beautiful, it's got a really gorgeous natural lustre, and as you can see some pearls have ribbing, rounded, some are more oval than others, it's so different and beautiful.

Here are the 4mm there, completely natural the Cream, really really lovely. And that's how it looks there.

Now in the box, of course against the stark black background, that's how it is there. So, so nice, really really lovely.

So then next, we've got the Charcoal Pearl.

Because I've only got three pearls in this range, three coloured pearls in this range.

The Charcoal is divine. You've got the little hints of purpley pink, blues running through there, it's a deep dark colour, just look at that, look at that with the 10 mm. And we get the focus happening there again, so pretty.

And the wonderful thing about these as well by the way, that's how it looks against black in the box. 

The beautiful thing about the freshwater pearls is of course they look amazing together. So if you were wanting to wear them together, because often colour mixing is a big thing in the 10 Way Necklace range. That is so easy to do with these three really beautifully neutral colors, and look at that.

So there you go once again, here's all three side by side and just beautiful.

So I hope that helps to help you in getting the idea of just how gorgeous the lustre is on these beautiful real freshwater pearls.