Purely Precious Peacock Crystal 🦚💎

June 08, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Get ready to bedazzle with our brand new Peacock Crystal 10-Way Necklace.💫

This mesmerising masterpiece flaunts  uniquely shaped and faceted crystals and a kaleidoscope of colours.🤩 It exudes true elegance, with vibrant hues of pink, soft purple, blue, green, washed in a background of soft grey.

The Peacock Crystal 10 Way Necklace is pure magic. Wear it long or layer it up, mix and pair with a pendant, tassel, earrings, and other accessories in our collection to create your own breathtaking style to match any outfit!😍 

Wait, it gets even better! Save 10% on the Bundle and unlock a world of possibilities. 

The Bundle consists of a 10 Way Necklace, a Tassel, and a pair of Mini Connectors which you can style beautifully for even more elaborate designs.💯

Embrace the extraordinary and express your unique style with the Peacock Crystal collection.💎✨


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Long Strand Necklace - Peacock Crystal
Tassel - Peacock Crystal

(Video Transcript)

The Peacock Crystal is finally in. Yes we have a brand new collection to our range, it's a beautiful Peacock Crystal and it's like nothing you've ever seen with us before.

Look at this gorgeous connector. The colour and the shape is completely different. It's more of a cylinder shape with gorgeous facets along the outside of the crystal. So beautiful. 

It's a beautiful grey crystal with a gorgeous wash of pinky purple, blue, and green, and the 4mm Butterfly Crystal which you've never used before, is as beautiful as the bracelet.

Now don't forget, if you want to save 10%, you can purchase this brand new range in a bundle. So by purchasing the 10 Way Necklace, the matching tassel, and the mini connectors, you can save 10% on all these three items.

So let me run you through how this bundle works. You can create a long strand, medium strand with the 10 Way Necklace, the beautiful bracelet like I showed you before, short and simple strand, along with a gorgeous multi-layered strand, and much much more.

Then you've got the tassel. The tassel is just divine. Looks amazing and it always comes on a single strand. So you can wear it by itself or add it to the rest of the 10 Way Necklace for a bit of extra pop and length. Add the triple strand to the top for a bit of extra layering, or grab your connectors like before, add them for length to the top of the triple strand, and create a much longer layered look.

Now let's talk about the mini connectors. These are sold in a pair. And what is so fantastic about these is you can add length to any single piece and styling that you like.

So for example, let's grab our gorgeous Sparkle Sisterhood pendant. Pop that in just like that. Now some lady said to us they don't like wearing it so short to the base of the neck and that's where the mini connectors come in. 

Add one to each side of your styling and it creates a beautiful longer look with the magnets just giving a little touch of detail. And it's so easy to make this look more elaborate just by adding the triple strand to the top.

Now there is so much more to this gorgeous Peacock Crystal range. 

For example, the long strand which can be worn as a long strand, a doubled up necklace, or a beautiful multi-wrap bracelet, this gorgeous colouring of crystal will go with absolutely anything. And you can wear it alone or with other pieces as well. 

So go to now and check out the brand new Peacock range for yourself.