Elegant Kimonos, Pendants & Lariat Ends

April 17, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I'm delighted to introduce to you new items that are perfect elegant additions to your wardrobe.🤩

👘These two new kimonos with their stunning and colourful prints drape beautifully and will surely add flair to your outfits!

Pink Zebra Cocoon Kimono

Paisley Green Cocoon Kimono

Both are available in regular and shorter styles.

To complement your wardrobe, we also have stunning Lariat ends and pendants that will match your style!😍

The Rose Quartz Lariat Ends  may be styled with the 10 Way Necklace and gorgeously matched with the glasses ring, sparkle ring, and mini connectors. ✨️

You can add more sparkle 💎 to your look with the divine Rose Quartz Pendant and the luminously beautiful Purple Organic Shell Pendant, both which stunningly match the 10 Way Necklace.

Upgrade your style and shop these gorgeous pieces today!🛍


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Cocoon Kimono - Paisley Green

Pendant - Rose Quartz

(Video Transcript)

So this week's launch has been super fun, check this out.

This is the beautiful Pink Zebra Kimono, it's just lovely, look at this.

It's got beautiful pinks and whites and grays running through it. Really really lovely, I'm wearing the regular length so it's a cocoon style, beautiful draping through here, sheer because it's chiffon, and just divine.

Then we've got the shorter style, so I'll show you how it looks. So this is the shorter style, a little less fabric through here, less length to it and it's still absolutely beautiful, fabric is exactly the same. 

This gorgeous cocoon kimono is the Paisley in the Green. It's just beautiful, look at all these colors here in this one. Green is predominantly showing up, it's just lovely. Again it's chiffon, slightly see-through. This is the shorter of the two styles which is just lovely. Gorgeous draping, lots of like extra fabric there which is lovely.

And then we've got the regular style. The regular is longer, and has the longer fabric. More fabric through the arm area, so basically a larger fit and the sleeves in all our cocoons are beautiful pointed sleeve just like that and coming down to point it at the bottom. So that's the cocoon style. 

The other thing that we've launched this week are the beautiful Rose Quartz Lariat Ends as well as the Rose Quartz Pendant. It really is solid stone Rose Quartz in a 14 mm which is just beautiful. 

So as you can see here, I've styled up the lariat ends just like that with the fellow Rose Quartz 10 Way Necklace. And just in case you're not sure what to do here, I'll show you what I've done.

So if you, when you undo your lariats, please take the ends off your Lariat ends off and then thread them through like that, you could either use the glasses ring that we have now, or the

beautiful new Sparkle ring which is just divine.

So here, what I've done is I have a mini, a connector, a single strand from the 10 Way Necklace, another connector, the glasses ring, and the mini.

Now once you get styling, you can change these up. So say for example I wanted a shorter look, so I might put the mini connector in. That's what I meant when I said mini. Pop that in just like that, add a glasses ring there, then slide this around, thread this through, one always longer than the other.

A, it's typically the way Lariat stylings are meant to sit, with one end sitting longer than the other. These magnets they want to kiss and then but also it avoids kissing magnets. Okay so isn't that cute.  

So now you've seen a longer style and a shorter style, and if you are wanting to, you can also add in I'll show you how the pendant in the rose quartz looks by itself, it's just so sweet.

And the other pendant we've had this uh week which is just so completely different, is the beautiful pearl. It's got like this luminous kind of color to it. Can you see the Halo of green around it? And it's mainly purple, it's in a regular shape.

Each one is exactly the same and look at that, there, there you go.

So that is just what we've launched this week, the two kimonos, the two Lariat pairs of Lariat ends are always sold in pairs as well as the two different pendants.