Beautiful Leather Bags and Bag Straps 💜

September 28, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

We're here to add a dash of excitement to your day with our latest launch – stunning Leather Bags and Bag Straps that are nothing short of fabulous! 🤩

Check out these functional and stylish bags and straps!

👜 The Marilyn Bag

So versatile and practical! Wear it as a crossbody for a casual chic look, or adjust the strap to rock a shoulder bag style! Check out its five fantastic colours: Tan, Green, Lilac, Black, and Cobalt

👜 Cecile Bag in Raspberry/Plum

Can you resist this enchanting hue? Cecile offers two strap options, and switching them out is a breeze. Let's show you how! 

💫 Bag Straps

Strap Up for Glam! Check out our gorgeous Bag straps and see how a simple strap change can completely transform your bag's look. It's like magic for your style! You just might love them all: Black, Chevron, Diamond, and Tan.

These Leather Bags and Bag Straps are your perfect companions for every journey. Fashion has never been this fun! 🛍️

Shop now before they run out!

Watch the video for Maria's styling suggestions.


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Leather Bag - Cecile - Raspberry/Plum
Leather Bag - Marilyn - Green

(Video Transcript)

 Hi everyone! I hope you're all well. Now, this week's launch is all about some new leather bags and they're just so cute. 

So we've got the Marilyn bag. This is lovely, it comes in five different colours and everything's adjustable, everything's removable so it's just fabulous, fun to play with.

And it's what you would consider what you might have heard about around the straps called a camera bag, it's like shaped like a bag that can hold a camera really but we're calling it the Marilyn bag.

So it's got an adjustable tassel, this is super cute. You can pop it on with your keys or leave it on the bag, it's so lovely.

Then you've got a on it so on the inside you've got an open pocket which is just cute. You've got a zip compartment right there and yes this does hold an Apple iPhone 14.

Just to give you recommended you need to carry a small wallet with this. You know it'll fit a mini version of what you normally travel in a bigger bag. It's certainly not a big bag okay? But the width in it allows you to put a small wallet, your phone, your sunglasses, and some tissues and things like that, so it's really really cute.

Now here it is as a crossbody, so nice, and then this strap is completely adjustable to then make it a shoulder bag as well. 

So this comes in the beautiful Tan, so nice. It also comes in a deep dark Green, very beautiful look at that, so nice. 

Then you've got the Lilac. Oh my gosh, Lilac is a very popular any shade of purple actually is a very uh popular colour across our brand.

Then you've got Black. Nice and classic Black. So simple and easy to wear and other other than the colour, the bag is exactly the same with every single one, okay. 

And last but not least, we have the Cobalt which is really really beautiful. As a point of reference, the Cobalt compared to the Denim in this bag range is very very different, okay so there's the Wendy in the Denim, which is much more of a smoky dusty colour, and then you've got the beautiful Cobalt which is more of a true, a true Cobalt colour then.

I'll get you some straps in a minute, we're trying something different. The second bag that we've gotten just in one colour because I just could not resist the colour, is this beautiful Cecile bag which is, isn't it colour it's like a Raspberry Plum kind of colour, it's just beautiful.

Now this has got two strap options, okay, and the way to change the straps by the way, let's just have a look at it on. Yes you can have it as a crossbody bag like the others. The strap could completely be doubled up upon itself to where it's shorter. If you want it as a little shoulder bag, let me show you something what the Cecile can do. 

So you press, okay here we go, see that you can open that up, take this off oh no, no these have just come off easily like this.

Okay this longer strap comes off like that, the shorter strap doesn't have little loops. That's when you need to open this up like this. Like so put that on, go to the other side, do the same thing, and then it becomes a very very cute little bag. Isn't that sweet? Okay now so that's the Cecile just in one colour.

Now we've got some straps happening so you might have noticed on the, in the world of trends that bag straps are becoming quite a thing so I thought I'd try some. Why not, why not, and I've got to say having played with these, and there's a Black one here too.

They're beautiful, they really are a fantastic way to add a little spin on your handbag. So let me show you something. So for example we've got I've got Tan, Black, I went for two plains and two prints.

Okay, so let's grab the Tan one for a moment, take its matching Tan strap off. Okay, then I'm going to pop this one on now. Then please note the metal findings are like a, they're not a true rose, they're not a true yellow, they sit somewhere in the middle. So you have to be comfortable with it, not matching the metal on your bags perfectly, okay? But that's the thing about this, they're going to go on lots of different bags. 

So don't….if you're going to go this way, you can't be worried about the metal, metal findings on the…on the bag. So there's that.

So then we've just turned this Tan bag with a Tan leather strap to something quite different and it looks really really cute. Again these are adjustable as well so you can wear them, put them in half and have it more like a shoulder bag. 

Now let me show you another one. So I'm going to pop this strap off as well. I've never had to work so hard in a video. Here we go, lots of little bitsies.

All right so one on one side, and one on the other. Oh no I take that back. My video where I get changed and change outfits, they're by far the most labor intensive. Okay, so here we go.

So now I've got this one which has got like a burgundy pointed stripe. Burgundy and cream, and the edges are black, on your black bag so isn't that a little bit cute. And of course, you can put them onto any other bag that you have at home.

So let's go for the Cobalt one. Now off with the strap. Off with the strap and then okay, me and my tassel off by accident, and then on with the black.

Let's put black on it. And these swivel so you're really you're not going to be stuck putting it on the wrong way. Because I just turned around, all right? 

So that's set there as do the straps on the, on the leather straps as well. So there you go, it's quite a different look. It's so so cute.

And last but not least, let's put the Tan on the Green shall we? Let's put the Tan on the Green leather, just for something a bit different. And meanwhile of course, like I was saying, if you have a bag with detachable straps at home, well these can go on any of those as well.

Okay so let's have a look. Almost there. Okay here we are so this is much shorter.

This is done up much shorter and what I will do actually, so there it is. It's sitting higher up on my waist rather than down on my hip. And what I'll do this time is I shall do it completely halfway. See how it moves. So we oh wrong way. It moves so easily. I know I did it the right way.

Okay, that's about it. Yeah they just flow really really nicely.  This is the shortest it can be. So yes you can also have that as a shoulder bag.

So I hope that you've liked all our new little additions to the range.

And let's not let's not leave, oh I can't get them all in my arms, there we go.

And the Green and the Lilac. Here you go, that's all of them in the shot there.

So I hope you're having a fantastic week. I hope you like our new additions and now I've got to clean up this big mess.

Bye, everyone! Keep sparkling.