New Twinkle Link Necklace Colours!

November 25, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Have you seen our Twinkle Link Necklaces that include a FREE Pendant?

They’ve been so popular that we’ve already sold out of some of the colours so we’re introducing some new ones to replace them!

💛 The incredibly stunning Tri-Colour Link Necklace which has Satin-effect colours which you can match with everything. It comes with a FREE rectangular Colorado Topaz Pendant! 😍

🌈 The delightful Soft Rainbow Link Necklace with the lovely hues of lilac, pink, champagne, and clear crystal. It comes with a FREE soft Amethyst Heart Pendant!

💙 The regal Turquoise Link Necklace is made of Turquoise Crystal and Turquoise Malaysian Jade and comes with a beautiful FREE Aquamarine Heart Pendant!

They're so easy to match with any outfit and are stunning, with or without a pendant.💫

And of course, you can still get the existing gorgeous Twinkle Links with Free Austrian Crystal Pendants in Emerald, Pink, Purple & Sapphire.

They're perfect for Christmas, all beautifully packaged in a box to give as a gift to others or yourself!🎅🎁

Hurry and shop the new Twinkle Links before these ones sell out too!

Have a wonderful Twinkly season! 💝🧡💚💙

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Twinkle Link Necklace

Twinkle Link Necklace
Soft Rainbow

Twinkle Link Necklace

(Video Transcript)

Hey everyone I hope you're well. So as you may know our Twinkle LinkChristmas necklace set has been so popular. So these have is what we've had. We also had a golden brown necklace which is virtually sold out. We've had to switch over a couple of things. So we now have the purple with the purple amethyst. So what the deal is you get a free pendant with any length link necklace in these colours okay and that's the pendant that you get. A matching pendant So that the pink there which is just divine. The emerald. There you go. And the sapphire which is also starting to run quite low. So we might have to switch that over as well.

Now what we've brought in to complement this beautiful range is these things. So we've got the gorgeous Tri-colour which is satin rose, and yellow gold in the link necklace. We've paired it up with the Colorado rectangle which is the same rectangle that we had on the Golden Brown Link that is now sold out. Okay so that's that there. Then we've also got the beautiful Soft Rainbow. I'll show you how these all look on in one moment with a beautiful soft amethyst heart to go with it. And the Turquoise set which is we've put together with a beautiful aquamarine heart which is divine. The Turquoise Link is made up of Turquoise crystal and Turquoise Malaysian jade alternating throughout the necklace and we've put it together like I said with the aquamarine heart.

Now here it is on. This is the longer length. Just so you know. The shorter length is around here. I've tried them on that many times that I know the length. So that's it there. So once you take off the pendant because of course you can wear it with or without. There it is there. You can wear the magnet at the front or at the back. And then here it is in the longer length. So that's that there. Now when you go to take these off please. Um find a mirror or something reflective and find the magnet first because as you feel along all of these are about 10 mm and it's very tricky to find where the actual magnet is. Then we've got the beautiful Soft Rainbow. Look at this.

It's got where are we? Champagne, crystal, clear crystal, lilac and pink. Oh my goodness. Paired up with the beautiful amethyst heart. It's like a bit of a chameleon this heart. It's a bit a little bit like it lends itself. It kind of changes a little bit depending on what you wear it on how whether it's against this look at that just goes much lighter. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This is the shorter length and then here it is without the heart. Oop there we go. Beautiful. And the longer length is almost I'm gonna say my words just then. Is about here. So it's about there. There we go. That's the longer length there. Now last but not least like I was showing you before the Tri-colour. This has been incredible this necklace. Mainly because it goes with everything. Your entire wardrobe. Any other jewellery that you may be wearing because it's got the three different colours in it. All in satin effect.

And you've got the beautiful Colorado topaz rectangle right there. So again this is a long one. Like that. Just beautiful. There it is with the pendant without the pendant. And again if it was short it would be about here. Now just so you know we are sending these to you or a loved one for Christmas. In one of our boxes. There's a note inside describing what the Twinkle Links necklace is about and the way it will arrive is a little bit like this. Well it's exactly like this. So we've got the link necklace around the circle and the pendant in the centre just gorgeous. So I hope you're well. Stay well everyone and as we head on down into Christmas. Take care everyone.