Stylish and Stunning Kimonos!

February 07, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola


🌞Get your glow on and add a touch of bohemian flair to your outfits this summer with our gorgeous 👘 Tree of Life Kimono and Pebbles Kimono!💖

With their soft, lightweight feel, and stunning designs, these pieces will keep you looking fabulous no matter where your sunny season plans take you!🌞

Add a touch of classic and stylish elegance to your summer frocks, singlet top and skirt or pants, with our lovely kimonos.🤩

Check out Maria's creative styling tips in her video now!


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Tree of Life


(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're really well. Ah we've had some really warm weather here in Sydney. And it's prompted me to invest in some beautiful loose fitting free flowing summer frocks and I've absolutely loved it. Now our weather is still a little bit up and down. So I was thinking oh what a shame I can't wear the kimono with this because I just thought you know loose and flowy and but A there's two things I discovered. A when I tried this on it's actually really lovely. It just adds to this whole loose flowy like a little bit bohemian kind of look. That's it there. Oh how cute is that? Oh the Tree of Life just goes perfectly with this look. But what I then discovered was this.

I grabbed the kimono. This is the viscose by the way. I could show you what it looks like with the Modal as well. We might try some different colouring in that. So the viscose. Okay. So I grabbed put my hands straight down. Grabbed the kimono by what I could reach. Brought it up. So what's happening at the back is this. Okay with a Tree of Life because it's got such a beautiful symmetrical pattern. It really fits and suits a lot. Just just it's just perfect. It's really one of those just classic kind of beautiful kimonos. You could tell it's one of my favourites. So little double knot at the front.

Okay. Now look at this. Instantly changed the look. Gave it a bit of a line across the waist. Even created a waist if you like. And I just love this look. I'm loving it. And when you wear it out you just feel really comfortable. The the sleeves fit beautifully as in the length of the sleeves and it's just divine. Now you don't have to leave this long at the back. It's totally up to you. You can cinch it up. Just tuck it inside. Just like that. And have that looking like that. Really really cute.

Now don't forget to a little ah trick with the ah chain extenders. These are a chain extender. Um is that you can actually make the sleeves shorter. I always travel with these in my handbag now and they're so tiny. They take no space at all. So once I have the sleeves where I want to be. Meanwhile this is much easier to do on a coat hanger rather than on your arm with one arm. And it's easier to see that the sleeves are even. Okay? So then you you've you've put one side of the magnet under the fabric and the other side of the magnet over the fabric. Okay? And once you get that oh there we go it's going to behave for me.

Look at that and then you've got different lengths on the sleeves easily and simply in seconds creating just a really different look to already once was a plain white summer dress. Now meanwhile so I've got the Tri-Colour Link Bracelet, the single strand from the Smokey quartz, a glasses ring and the lariat ends with a connector from the Smokey Quartz to make a little lariat look there. So, let's try this also with a modal in the Pebbles. Okay. So, here we go. Modal in the Pebbles.

Uh again, just beautiful. Um we mention all the time. The Modal fabric is a little bit longer in the sleeve. It's basically a little bit more generous by five or six centimetres. Under here there's a bit more fabric. In the length there's a bit more fabric okay. But I find that this also works just as well. So once again my arms I make sure it's all nice and straight. Okay. Where my arms go down. I grab that. Bring it up. Bring it in. Okay. Just a nice simple double knot. If anyone has any tricks to not have the knots little bitsies showing. I suppose you can always just tuck them in can't you? That's easy enough.

But then I hate checking. I just like to have a I just like to do it and forget about it. And again how cute is that? So that's the modal. Really lovely. So cute. Look at it and a pop of colour to otherwise a white plain dress. So again there it is at the back. Have it long if you like. Have a little bit cinched up. Or whatever you like. So there is just a little bit of summer frock styling. Meanwhile you can do this with a singlet top and a flowy skirt. Uh a top and pants as well. Don't think that this is just for summer dress accessorising. So there you go and the great thing about this too is let me just show you something.

The great thing about this too is if it gets too hot if whatever you can simply grab it and this is what I do to my scarves as well. I just get them and either you know you can roll them up really really tiny. I mean look at this. This is Modal Silk which is thicker than the viscose. And that's how I mean in a normal handbag. There you go. You got your arm cover. Basically it's like carrying a jacket with you. Or what I often do is just let it hang sleeves are down right and then I just fold it around my handle of my handbag and then it just hangs I put it at the back so my my handbags here put it at the back and it's just like a little detail of fabric at the side of my outfit hanging on my handbag hey you alright my darlings well take care I hope you're all well stay good and talk to you soon bye