Gorgeous Styles with Our Stunning Stone Links!

December 12, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


I am delighted to introduce to you our new Stone Links. 😍

The absolutely divine Imperial Jasper Link 💙 and the stunning Desert Jasper Link💛.

Both have different colours and pieces so unique and beautiful.💖

Be mesmerized by the beautiful colors of The Imperial Jasper Link 💙🤍💙 like brighter turquoise, tanny gold, all in one stone! 

Be captivated by the stunning neutrals of The Desert Jasper Link 🤎🤍💛 such as mustard, tan, grey, sand colours all in one gorgeous stone.

You can even style them beautifully together😍

💛  Match with pendants, connectorsbracelets

💛  Match or layer up with the 10 Way Necklace

💛  Available in longer and shorter necklace and bracelet for each stone 

The styling goes on and on!💖😍

Check out the amazing collection!

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Link Necklace
Desert Jasper

Link Bracelet
Desert Jasper

Link Necklace
Imperial Jasper

Link Bracelet
Imperial Jasper

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're well. So just when you think something that's never happened before happens it's happened twice. So we have never done a link collection where it's just one thing like one stone or one crystal. We've always combined the stones, crystals and pearls to create lots of a different look. So for example here just one stand of our link necklaces. So just so you know of what I'm talking about. The black has stone, crystal and stone. The slate has midnight crystal, metal and pearl. So crystal and stone. On and on it goes just to have that beautiful difference in feature. Difference in effect with every single piece. Wow. Two natural stones. Not one but two natural stones that we've just added to our collection. The stone does it by itself. It adds different colours to every single piece.

So I'm so excited. And this was just like a no-brainer for us to introduce the complete Imperial Jasper link it's just all one stone and each piece is so beautiful so you've got more of a tanny gold in there you've got a brighter turquoise up here each piece just seems so unique and yet they all go together beautifully. Then we thought we'd do the same with the desert jasper. The desert jasper is the most stunning neutral shade of stone I have ever seen You've got like just the most perfect shade of like a a mustard ah sand colour. Ah tan over here. Grey. Um and it just goes on and on. Look at this. It's so beautiful. It's truly mesmerising.

And they actually go together. If you're wearing something with a bit of turquoise and a bit of tan they look beautiful together. So as usual we have ah the longer necklace and the shorter necklace available in each stone. And the longer bracelet and the shorter bracelet in each stone. And of course the styling goes on and on. So if we were to choose the turquoise. Also too when you undo your link pieces especially the necklace don't just try and grab them wherever they are and start pulling at the magnet. Use a mirror and look for the magnet and slide them apart. It's just wear and tear.

And looking after your jewellery. So say for example you can grab a pendant and pop that in like that. Grab a single strand from the matching 10 Way Necklace or different colours whatever you like. Pop that in and wear this long. So it starts to sort of morph into different things. You can layer it up. Grab the triple strand and the connectors and pop that on as well. Such a beautiful colour this turquoise. So thrilled to have a turquoise stone. Natural stone back in the range which is just lovely. And then for example another thing that you can do if you like to have a matching bracelet and ah necklace set. Don't forget you can absolutely link them together. So here is the necklace. This is a shorter version. Okay so each every single link has a longer shorter ah necklace and a longer shorter bracelet. So and then you can match the bracelets together. How cute is that for kind of like a medium look.

And then you know if we were if we were to go back to the connectors in the 10 Way Necklace. I'm just using the matching ones. You can use any colours that you like. Very very cute. And as we know it goes on and on and just to show you like a bit of a difference. I'm grabbing the connectors from the smokey quartz. You must mix your colours. It is so much fun and it adds a completely new dimension to it. So there's the smokey quartz connector. With the Desert Jasper. So it's a beautiful beautiful mix. Look at that. And then I'll just show you one more thing. If you grab the long strands in the colours that you've been designing and styling with.

So for example I now grab the smoky quartz and the desert jasper in the long strands okay not only yes you can definitely wear them as bracelets together they'll look beautiful but also just layer them up and let them become part of your long necklace also they can become something short and they do look beautiful I would recommend putting these on one at a time I'm just doing this for speed they do look beautiful whether they're staggered and worn separately. Beautiful. Or whether they're worn together and like a little bit messy at the base of the neck. So just divine. So have fun. Hope you like the new lengths. We love them. And you know where to find them. Maria Nicola. com.