Fashionable Winter Scarves & Cape🧡

August 03, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Tackle the chilly weather in style! Bundle up and radiate charm with our fabulous new Cape and a delightful collection of Winter Scarves!

🧡 Stay cosy and stylish with our Autumn Bubbles Cape, showcasing vibrant colours like orange, coral, teal, mustard, and chocolate on a gorgeous neutral backdrop.

💫Keep effortlessly chic all winter long with our lovely duo-colour Winter Scarves. They are soft, wide, and provide extra warmth while adding a touch of flair to your outfit!

Choose from an array of amazing duo colours to match your taste, whether you prefer a casual or elegant look.

Shop the collection and complete your trendy winter ensemble today!💖


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Winter Scarf - Duck Egg Green/Grey

Winter Scarf - Lilac/Grey

Winter Scarf - Raspberry/Grey

Cape - Autumn Bubbles


(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone, I hope you've all been well. This week's launch has been just beautiful and it's all about keeping warm, so this is a beautiful new Cape, it's called Autumn Bubbles, so so lovely. The colours in it are amazing it's like a burnt orangey to coral, teals, chocolate colours and the background, oh and some mustard as well. And the background is a beautiful like neutral colour. It's just gorgeous, really really nice.

So it's colour but with a touch of neutral which is just so lovely. No size to these at all, really beautiful and like I'm wearing it with my singlet so it doesn't have to be very cold for you to wear a beautiful Cape. They can just act like a little bit of arm cover.

We also have some gorgeous winter scarves. First, top of the rank is the beautiful Denim. They're a dual a they're a dual colour scarf. So every scarf has two colours, most of them have a version of grey and one of them is two colours. I'll show you that in a minute.

So just beautiful, the softness to these is incredible. I live in these a lot in the winter. They just add a really substantial layer to any outfit whether it's jacket a light top, a knit, whatever you think they really are. Beautiful.

They're nice and wide so you're going to get great cover across the back and whether you want to let the other side fall and show as well, is completely up to you. I often will just drape mine beautifully across my neck.

And because it's a wintry fabric, it holds on to your shoulder.  And if you're finding that it's falling off, shorten this one so you have more length to throw over and it's really really beautiful.

Now with this one, this is the one I was telling you about that's a dual colour, you've got the sky Light blue. It's a really, really light soft blue and a beautiful really, really light Pink just gorgeous.

The fringing is blue and just lovely, you can really play with this. Choose one or both or it's also really really nice to fold over the top and really show off your dual color in this scarf as well.

This is the pink with the grey dual colour. This pink is a little bit stronger. Let me just show you them side by side. Yeah so certainly a stronger pink here depending on what your taste is and once again just beautiful. The grey underneath is also very very soft. 

The greys differ depending on what colour's on the other side. So depending on how strong the colours are is depending on how grey, how dark the grey comes up but oh my goodness, just beautiful.

On this one, the fringe is pink and just so sweet. 

Then we've got the beautiful Red so these are divine together, and on the back it's like a darker Red if you like. So either way you get a really different look so there's the deeper darker color bordering on burgundy and then you've got the beautiful Red which is just divine.

We also have a Raspberry oh look at that, see I love it with the one little bit, just sort of falls over and you get the colour contrast there.

We also have a Raspberry and I really want to show you them side by side that gives you a really good indication. There's more of a pink in this and there's the red right there so let's just switch over to the Raspberry straight away, beautiful.

It's got a deeper darker grey underneath, just divine, really really beautiful. There's the Raspberry right there.

Here is the gorgeous Lilac, it's just a beautiful tone of purple. You've got the lovely medium strength to light grey on the back and just beautiful. Really, really gorgeous on. I got it on with the amethyst so sweet, look at that. Just beautiful.

And just two more to go. Here is the beautiful Black. It's got a deeper, darker charcoal on the back and it's just beautiful. Dark grey maybe, you could call that.

And this is divine. Really beautiful. Whether you want to wear it casual with a pair of jeans like I've got it or whether you want to wear it more elegantly with a night out on the town with a bit of a dress or whatever you've got going. Pants and a top, it really is beautiful. 

Look at the different effects you can create.

So last but not least, we've got the lovely Duck Egg Green. This is so lovely. It's like a… I really hope the colors coming through on the camera properly it's like, like a sage like a really soft smoky sage. It's just divine. It's got the again, the medium strength grey on the back and it's just really beautiful.

So they are all the colours in our winter scarves and we've also got the cape that we launched in the Autumn Bubbles. Please keep in mind, called the Autumn bubbles. 

Please keep in mind these ,the tassels, the fringing can unwind. This is part of the scarf. Some of our customers tie a little knot in the end if they like. It doesn't bother me at all. I wear it all the time and it's just part of the beautiful look of this gorgeous scarf.

So if you like what you see, head on over and see what colours are still available.