Maria's 007 Necklace Mission 🕵️‍♀️

April 17, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Buckle up because I've got a video that's straight out of a Bond movie — with a fashionable twist! 😉

Picture this: me, a seaplane, and a mission to search for the world's most versatile necklace. 

😍 It was an epic experience filming this video with Agent 007-like finesse, to showcase just how versatile the 10 Way Necklace is. 

From sunrise to sunset, from glitzy galas to new adventures, we aimed to capture it all. Because why settle for one look when you can have ten? And you get 10% off when you buy them in a Bundle!

For Your Eyes Only: Our video is just a click away.  Get ready to see the  Paperclip 10 Way Necklace through the lens of Agent Maria Nicola 😉.

Plus! There are bloopers at the end. 😂 Turns out, even on the most glamorous of missions, things can go hilariously sideways.

Elegance achieved, mission accomplished. 

Let this fun "Bond" tribute -10 Way Necklace video take you from Skyfall to style-rise.🤩🌃



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10 Way Necklace - Paperclip - Silver
Shimmer Paperclip Pendant - Rose Gold